Tuesday, June 23, 2009

At a stand still....

Well very little is happening baby-news-wise this past week in the Pearson home. While we are still excited and mentally preparing for Brooke's arrival, we aren't doing much! haha. Partially because there isn't anything that can be done right now and partially because we have to wait for our paycheck this week before we can buy anything else! But there is preparations being made on other fronts! For example, the invitations for my first shower are being sent out this week (which I am SUPER EXCITED about!) and the people at work have begun talking about having a small shower for me there! YAY! :) So I just thought that I would let everyone know that in the next several weeks (4 to 5) we will be getting out all the invites and setting up showers for Brooke! (Did I mention that this is EXTREMELY EXCITING for me?!?!?!?) Yay.... :)


  1. When is your first shower? Is that for people from church? Just hope I can make it before we move. If not, I will bring Brooke's quilt with me on a trip down there! It is going to look fantastic! No more hints :-)

  2. Yay - I love baby showers!! And it is soooo much fun for me to be able to shop for a little girl!

  3. printed out invites today! can't wait!! <3