Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun stuff...

So my diapers came in the mail on Thursday. I was so excited to get the opportunity to really see if I was going to like them and if they really would be as easy as disposable diapers. So here are some pictures so that you all can see them and see what I'm talking about.

These are what they look like in the basic pre-use form.

This is what they look like with them open and one liner in. Each diaper comes with two liners (one that's inside and one that's next to them in the pic) so that you can have extra absorbency for nighttime diapers or heavy wetters.

These diapers that I am considering are for babies from 7lbs to 40lbs, so they obviously have to be sizable. This shows you the difference between two of the sizes. You make them smaller by using the snaps on the front.

So I showed them to Mitch and he really likes them. He prefers the velcro which works for me. I'll probably still buy a few more of the snaps because they'll be better for when the baby learns to take the diapers off! (ie more difficult!) I also showed them to my mom who checked out the workmanship for me and she said they definitely look like they will be easy enough and should last for a good long time. So it looks like we'll go with them! Yay!

Now its just a matter of when Mitch will let me order the rest of the diapers! haha

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