Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy Busy Saturday....

Today I attended 2 baby showers, one for Lindsay Lettow and one for Angela Ryan! They were both very sweet gatherings as we celebrated the upcoming arrivals of Chandler and Dallas! When I got home I found my cloth diapers on the front porch waiting for me, which made me especially happy because I have been expecting them for the past 2 days. (Unfortunately my mail carrier only comes on days that he 'feels' like it so he hadn't even driven through our neighborhood on Thursday or Friday, at least he ended the week on a good note!) I have washed and dried them and I am so excited to have them!

I am also in the process of planning the next several weeks so that we can accomplish as much as possible at our house (molding, last of the tiling, deep cleaning, yard work), at my mom's house (finishing the refinishing of the baby furniture, fixing the floors before the shower at my mom's, polishing the rest of the house for the shower) and get ready (in general) for my showers and Brooke! This requires planning because I have to coordinate my schedule with my mom's and Mitchell's (esp for his week of vacation) (Don't tell him, but he's going to be one busy busy bee!) hehe

Did I mention that I was EXCITED about all this?

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