Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun at MOSH

Lately I've been trying to figure out what we're going to do during the summer, since my baby girl and myself are busy little people! We can't stand to be home all day every day, and once Mom 2 Mom is over in a few weeks, my guaranteed weekly 'outing' will be gone and I need something to replace it! We have zoo passes, but for the hot-hot days, I want to have an indoor activity that Brookelynne can enjoy and get her energy out. So, I thought about MOSH. And since my sister had passes to get us in, we planned an afternoon playdate there!

This is Paw Paw (our dad) with our kids! Davis, Braxton, Abbi and Brookelynne
Abbi and Davis LOVE Brookelynne so much! (And she loves them too!)
Paw Paw with his newest addition (even if only for another few days)
Abbi picking Brooke up! haha
Me and my little Man!
Tricia, Braxton, and Me :)
Davis is such a sweet cousin that he wanted to hold Brookelynne's hand and take her to his favorite spot! (The Indians)
Abbi making herself at home in the Jacksonville History exhibit!
After going through the whole museum, we went to the playroom. Here's Abbi and Davis making a dam.
Abbi also showed Brooke how to 'drive' the cars!
Davis helping Brookelynne up the stairs.

We really did have a great time, and Brookelynne thought the exhibits were really cool. I'm looking into the season pass, and strongly considering it because it's so close to church, and their doctor's offices, so we could easily 'stop by' there for an hour every couple of weeks and it would be really fun. Not to mention that it's air conditioned! lol

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