Sunday, March 13, 2011

Date night!

Last night, Mitch and I had our first date night since Brax was born!  We had a great time and really enjoyed getting to spend a few hours hanging out with each other. My mom came up to the house around 5:30 and we scurried around the house getting ready to go and sneaking out. We headed out and got to Dave and Busters around 6. The wait for the restaurant was an hour and a half, which would normally be ridiculous, and something we would never do just to eat dinner, but D&B's is not every other restaurant. They have MORE than enough to do while you wait! lol. So we checked the balances on all our cards (while we haven't been in more than 3 yrs, we used to go every few months when we were dating) and started to play. We learned some important things right up front! The first of which is that I have officially lost my ability to play basketball! haha. We used to play one particular game, and I was pretty good, but now, not so much! Mitch still had the touch though! Then we played the coin drop game, which we are pretty good at! Before they called us for dinner, we had won over 1600 tickets! For dinner, Mitch had the chicken and shrimp alfredo, and I had the steak salad (which was fabulous, btw). Then we went and played a few more games before heading home. It was such a great night and something that I really needed, so I'm so grateful that we got to do it! :)

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