Monday, March 7, 2011

Shower for Annaline!

The drink table, complete with my new tea dispenser! I was so excited to use it!

 The food table...
(Chocolate covered Strawberries, chocolate cake, white cupcakes,
Southwestern eggrolls, meatballs, fruit salad, veggie plate/dip
chocolate tray, plates and sandwich rolls!)

This weekend I got to throw a shower for my sister Tricia and soon to be niece Annaline! Annaline is the third child, coming almost 5 years after her older sister, and 7 years after her older brother. Needless to say, they have been out of 'baby mode' for a while! I was so excited to get to throw her a shower so that they could prepare for their sweet baby girl, and we had a wonderful turnout and a wonderful time!

We had a running game throughout the shower, that you couldn't say 3 words. If you said any of them, then someone could take your beads, and viceversa. The three words I picked were "Baby", "Due Date" and "Daddy". I told Taylor and Abbi that they needed to pay attention because I bet they could win if they did. Needless to say, they were paying very close attention and trying very hard not to say any of those words!

We started out the shower with prayer and digging in to the food! :) Once everyone got settled with some food and a drink, we started our other game. Its a fun version of "Never have I ever" where everyone has a handful of change and we start with the mom, who tries to think of something that most people have done, but she hasn't. Then we pass Annaline's piggy bank around the room and if you have done whatever the person hasn't done, then you put money in. :) We had a really good time learning things about each other that might not otherwise come up and raising a little money for Anna!

One of the girls at the shower, when it was her turn, said "Never have I ever been married". So we went around the room and most everyone else had to put in money. Taylor was sitting on her mom's lap and Carrie asked her to put the money in for her. So as she put the money in, I said "Who is your mom married too?" and just as innocently as she is, said "my Daddy". :) She immediately threw her hand over her mouth and we all got a good laugh as she gave me one of her necklaces. Later on in the shower, my brother in law came in with my nephew and I asked Abbi "Who is that?" and she did the same thing Taylor did and answered "My Daddy". We all laughed again, except Abigail who seriously looked like she was going to cry! I told her she could keep her necklace and gave Taylor back her necklace as well, which made them both happy! It was just so cute!

Diaper cake I made for them!

Anyway, after the game, Tricia started opening presents. Abigail helped open all of the presents and did a fantastic Vana impression with each item, showing off shirts and dresses as well as stuffed animals and toys.

Abbi and Taylor

Abbi with all of the beads that she won!

The big brother and big sister!
Davis and Abbi

They got a ton of stuff for Anna, including a swing, stroller, car seat, diaperbag, clothes, sheets, blankets, diapers and wipes! I made her a bow holder for her room, and since she'll be moving into Abbi's room in a year or so, went ahead and made a matching one for Abigail as well! (I unfortunately forgot to get a picture of either of them, but Tricia is going to take one of them when they get up on the walls!). Hopefully they'll get everything washed, sorted and put away before Anna makes her appearance! Just a few more weeks to go! (And then my baby boy won't be the baby anymore!!! That part's not fair! lol) :)

Tricia with the cake!

Tricia, Abbi and Me!

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