Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day at Nay Nay's

Yesterday we went over to Mitch's Mom and Dad's house for the afternoon to hang out with them, Mitch's sister and our nieces. Alana is 6, Jaqlyn is 4 and Brookelynne is 18 months, but they played together so well! Alana and Jaqlyn loved doing things with Brooke and she's more than happy to follow the 'big girls' lead' :)

She got on the rocking horse and really liked it!

Of course Nay Nay had all of the toys out for the girls since Jaqlyn and Alana had been there all week, but she also pulled out the special ones for just Brooke. (You know the 'little girl toys' :) ) Brookelynne enjoyed the big ones though, like the big rocking/bouncy horse. Alana and Jaqlyn wanted to take turns a little more often than Brooke liked, but I made her share! If she had had it her way, she would have been the only one on it, and if Jaqlyn (below) had had her way, Brooke would have been a better listener! haha

Braxton spent the day inside, mainly because it was hot and, well, he's a baby. :) Alana took a break from playing though, to come inside and hold him! :) She was so sweet with him. Soon Jaqlyn was inside asking to hold him too! (I'm told she's a little mimic! lol) Here is a picture of Brax with his sweet cousins!

Of course we had to get a picture of all the current grandchildren, so Brookelynne jumped up on the couch too! With Me and Nay Nay pointing the camera at them, they were a little confused on where to look and when to smile! :) These were our two best shots!

Brookelynne also spent some time with Aunt Jen. :) She got to pet Aunt Jen's cat (Zoey) and Aunt Jen even let her drink from a big girl cup!

Nay Nay and Poppy with their only grandson!

While Poppy was holding Brax, Aunt Jen was playing peek-a-boo with him! He thought she was so funny! He wasn't quite old enough to laugh yet, but he sure did try to!

By the time we left, Brookelynne had decided she was 'at home' at Nay Nays and proceeded to go outside with out me, climb the slide by herself and she even went over and played with Poppy! :) This made Poppy very happy because she usually doesn't go to him very well.

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