Monday, October 25, 2010

Pretty Pretty Pumpkin Patch....

Well today we went to Brookelynne's first "Pumpkin Patch". :) I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch with her, but I really wanted to do something more than just have her walk around pumpkins on a lawn that is only feet from serious traffic (ie San Jose Blvd! lol), so I checked out what others were suggesting on Facebook, and went to to see if there were any unique places that were not well known yet. The only thing that really came to the surface was Conner's Amazing Acres in Hillard (which happens to be not so far from us, one of the only perks of living in Yulee! lol) So I looked up their website and, while not as informative as I would have liked, it gave me enough information for me to decide to give it a try and hopefully set us up for a great family tradition to continue in the future.

As they often say, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray", and that was how our morning went! But we did finally arrive around noon and got down to the business of having fun! We headed to the pig pen first, and Brookelynne got very excited the closer we got to them!

They weren't 'cute little pink piggies' like she sees on her videos and toys, but they did 'oink' for her! :) She wanted to get closer, but every time they would even turn in our direction, she would back up! (Which is fine with me, there's nothing wrong with having a healthy fear of things significantly bigger/heavier than you, especially when you've never even seen one of them before!)

Then we headed over to the "Cow Train". They were having some issues with the engine, so it wasn't running, but that didn't stop us from having a great time taking pictures and letting our girl walk around in the "T-bone"
 This was her with her Daddy! She really didn't like the idea of sitting down in it, but she loved it when we let her get up and walk around! :) She's such a sweetie!
After that we headed over to do the hayride line to wait our turn to touch and feed the cows! :) The actual hayride wasn't really anything, but feeding and touching the cows made it worth it. Brookelynne LOVED the cows! She has a toy that her friend Maxwell gave her (an ABCD Barn) which has a cow, sheep, chicken and pig piece. She carries the cow one everywhere and now says "moo". So of course we had to get up close and personal with the real ones. She loved it until one of them licked her. She really doesn't like that! First the giraffe at the zoo and now the cow at the farm? She must be sweeter than I thought!

 This was her telling me where the cows were! She kept pointing and pointing as she grunted! :) So excited!
 First time petting a cow! Grandpa Starling would be so proud! :)
 She even helped feed them!
Of course we had to get a picture of them standing next to a cow too!

Then we had a little lunch, which was very good but next year we'll save ourselves some time by bringing a picnic for ourselves! Because while we were in line for food, Daddy and Brookelynne were hiding out in the barn area, keeping cool and playing in the kernals! Brookelynne really enjoyed herself in there!

After lunch we went to the pumpkin patch part of the farm to see how Brookelynne would do with all the orange veggies!

 Family Picture! (Brookelynne wanted to get down!)
 We ran into our friends the Lettows, and this is their little boy Chandler with Brookelynne. As you can see she was telling him something very important about that pumpkin!

 Chandler did not want his picture taken! LOL
 Brookelynne trying to pick up one of the pumpkins!
 Telling Daddy that he needed to help her!
 So of course Daddy did!
We had a great time and she really enjoyed looking at and climbing all over the pumpkins! Can't wait for next year! :)


  1. Where did you get this outfit from? It is adorable!

  2. Aww, thanks Mrs Becky! It was actually my niece's from a few years ago...Brookelynne just got it as a hand-me-down, but we're very grateful for it! :)