Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brookelynne Starr is One Year Old!!!

Holy Cow! Can you believe it? My baby girl is not a baby anymore! There is not longer a countdown to her first birthday because it is finally here! I cannot believe all of the things that have changed since a year ago. Obviously we have a different life then we did a year ago and each day it just gets better and better! I love her more than ever and am enjoying every minute of watching her grow. Here is a review of her first year and a rundown of all of the things she is doing and learning!

Weight: 19 lbs 6 oz
Height:  29 inches

* Brookelynne can is learning to run!! :) Daddy will tell her to 'get him' and then run (very humorously) down the hall, and Brooke tries to keep up. I don't think she's 100% yet, but she's definitely doing more than just walking!

* She is not doing well at bedtime...  She doesn't want to go to bed, and unless I let her stay up until she 'drops', we have one of two things. 1. She pitches a fit, and cries until she's tired out and then I have to go and rock her to sleep and then put her down. or 2. I rock her and lay her down but I have to stay there, leaning into the crib for like an hour....not good either! Hopefully this is just a stage!

*Still loves dancing!

* She doesn't want to go into her classes at church anymore. :( She used to do pretty well, but for the past several weeks, she freaks out every time that we even start toward her class. Thankfully, she has Mrs Lindsey and/or Mrs Angela for 3 of her 4 times in the nursery each week, and they are so great to work with me on everything.

* She knows how to say "moo" when you ask her what the cow says!

* She knows several of her body parts!! :) She points to her head, ears, and toes. She can also show you the nose, mouth and eyes on other people, lol. She doesn't point to her own though! lol She also will tell you where Mama's belly button is, by picking up my shirt and pointing to it. She thinks that one is the most fun to do! lol

*  She drinks really well from her sippy cups all day. She drinks much more than any of her friends, with 3 cups of milk each day and everything else is watered down juice or sweet tea. (Don't worry, we drink decaf and it doesn't have much sugar, and since it's only 1 part tea and 5 parts water, its not much to begin with!)

*  She has 5 teeth, but number 6 should be breaking through any day now!

*  She still takes a bottle at night before bed but I'm hoping to stop that any day now. :) We'll see.

We're just so thankful to have her and to see all the new things she does each day. She's quickly becoming our little girl instead of our baby girl and while I'm going to miss some of those baby days, I'm so excited to see all the things that lay ahead!

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