Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brookelynne's "Birthday Trip" to the Zoo!

Mitch and I, of course, threw a birthday party for Brookelynne and got her a small gift, but we wanted to 'do something' on her actual birthday too. So we planned a  trip to the Zoo, just the three of us. Unfortunately, since Mitch's coworkers had some extenuating circumstances and had to leave town, he wasn't able to get her birthday off of work. So we decided that we still wanted to take her to the Zoo, and we would just wait a week, and go the following weekend. This worked out to be the same weekend that Mitch's dad came in town (he's trucker), so we had them come with us for the morning of fun!

 We went into the bird exhibit first thing, and Brookelynne got the idea very quickly of what we were there to do! She loved seeing the birds walking all around our feet and being so close to her. When we were near the end, we ran into 2 rather large birds, just hanging out on the crosswalk. :) This is Mitch, Brookelynne and Nay Nay checking them out!
 Here's one of Brookelynne and Nay Nay!
 This is my baby girl checking out the lions! She was very excited!
 Then Poppy carried her all the way to the giraffes!

 At the giraffe exhibit, you can buy a ticket to feed them . So of course we did! :) Daddy insisted on being the one to help Brookelynne. He had to hold her hand while he fed them for the first several times before she would do it herself. When she did do it herself, the giraffe got her with it's tongue. She didn't want to do it again after that! haha

We finished the rest of the zoo, and of course made a stop at the Jaguar exhibit! Look at the awesome pose that she was making just for us! :) She thought that 'big cat' was pretty cool!

All in all, we had a great time, and Brookelynne was worn out when we headed home! :) I will definitely say that the trip was quite a success! I guess that's good since we bought year passes! We're going to try and make it a regular occasion for a fun family outing! :)


  1. Cuties :) We lovr the zoo. I need to get a pass for next year because Chan will be much more into it, I hope!

  2. Well we can have play dates there too! :) The more we use ours the better! :) Brookelynne really loved it, so I'm sure that Chandler will like it more each time you guys go!