Monday, January 25, 2010

Worst Hospital ER EVER

Today my mom started having stomach pain around 11:30 and by the middle of lunch it was excruciating, so we made the decision to go ahead and go to Gainesville because last time she had this happen we went to Shands Jax and by the time they finished arguing about who could operate on her and where it would be done, her pain had gone away and they just sent her home. We didn't want that to happen so we went ahead to Gainesville.

We got there around 3 and checked in. The room was decently full, but no one was "sick", thankfully. Everyone was there for broken bones, abdominal pain or accident trauma, we got a spot in the corner away from where anyone would be walking by, and started waiting. The people working there were the rudest, least helpful and quite frankly, dirtiest healthcare professionals I have ever encountered. The hospital will be hearing from us as well as several other people, because it was 9 hours later before they called us back.

Around 12:15am, we were taken to a room where they started doing tests on her, including an xray, ultrasound and blood work. They came back around 4 and told us that since her gall stones had moved again and were no longer blocking the duct (which is what causes the extreme pain) that it was not an emergency issue and that they would send her home. Her pain is not completely gone, but when we talked to her lung transplant doctor, he had tried to get her in to see the general surgeon, but couldn't today. Since we both were tired and dirty, we came on home because hanging around Gainesville indefinitely was not acceptable. lol. They are going to get her in to see the surgeon in a couple of weeks when she goes for her clinicals.

I cannot express how frustrated it has been dealing with this and with Shands Gainesville. It was horrible! Just praying that everything will work out.


  1. Baptist is pretty awesome, but I know they know her history at Shands Gainesville.

  2. Its not that they know the history, but that after someone has had a major surgery like that, you have to get the surgeon's notes/permission or something like that, and they won't do surgery without those, but Shands Gainesville won't release that stuff to another hospital, so we're stuck! Its frustrating!