Monday, January 18, 2010

Brookelynne's Baby Dedication

Today we had Brooke's Baby Dedication at church. We were so excited to get to have all of her grandparents there and most of her aunts and uncles. We got to the church early enough so that we could feed her and then change her clothes before we took pictures at 5:30. She wore a dedication dress that her Great-Aunt Doris crocheted for her and she looked beautiful in it! She even had matching shoes! (She has the matching bonnet too, but it didn't stay on well, so we went ahead and put a bow on instead). This is the picture that the church took of our little family!

We were the forth or fifth family to go and Dr Brunson gave us the meaning for her name and a verse for her. It was a really sweet time, and when the dedications were over we took her into the service with us for a few minutes so that everyone would get to hold her for a little while. Afterwords we went to dinner at Olive Garden and had a great time!! :)

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