Sunday, January 3, 2010

1 Weekend down, 51 to go!

Well this has been the first weekend of 2010 and I'm glad to say that Mitch and I had a very good time! Friday was New Year's Day and Mitch and I went to the Gator Bowl to see the Seminoles play West Virginia in Bobby Bowden's last game!

Marie, Kris, Mitchell and Me!

We bought tickets with Kris and Marie in the south endzone and we tailgated with Russell and Kelly and some other ppl that I didn't know! :) While the weather was pretty bad all morning, we still cooked hamburgers and had a really good time, out in the cold and rain! :)

Marie, Kelly and Me sitting under the back hatch to stay out of the rain!

The game was really good and even though the Noles were major underdogs, they played their hearts out and won it for Coach Bowden! We had an amazing time and it was even more fun for Mitch and Kris because they had never been to a college football game before! We're probably going to get season tickets next year so we can have that kind of fun more often! :)

Mitch and Me!

Saturday morning Mom, Brooke and I headed to Madison to see Aunt Betty. (She had heart surgery on Wednesday). While we did leave later than I had wanted (because I left the presents at home and Mitch had to bring them to me), we were on our way and Kelley called to tell us that Aunt Betty had been having chest pain all night and that the doctor wanted her to come into the ER. So they left Hannah and Rebecca at the house and we went there and waited to find out what the doctor told Aunt Betty, Uncle Alvin, Kelley and Laura. The girls had a good time with Brooke and we were horsing around a lot, while they were doing tests on Aunt Betty.

Hannah holding Brooke

Rebecca holding Brookelynne

Aunt Gail and Uncle Mark stopped by unexpectedly and caught me playing cheerleader as if I still were one! lol. They didn't stay long, but had wanted to check on Aunt Betty. Thankfully we heard, shortly after they left, that it was just some inflammation around her heart from the procedure and that the discomfort she was feeling was perfectly normal because of her small stomach, and will go away in a few days to a week. :)

They got back to the house around 3 or 4 and Uncle Alvin came straight over to the couch and took Brooke from me! That meant a lot to me that he wanted to see her and hold her!

Aunt Kelley and Aunt Laura playing with Brookelynne

Then Kelley and Laura took their turns, and Aunt Betty got to feed her and snuggle with her after that. We spent the next few hours having dinner, catching up and opening presents! We had a wonderful time and got some great gifts too!:)

Aunt Betty rocking Brooke, with her new beanie on!

Uncle Alvin holding Brooke's hand!

Mom and I loaded up around 8:30 and got on the road. Unfortunately we didn't get very far before the car started acting up. After a few near death experiences of ppl running up on us going 80 mph while we were going 40 mph w/ our flashers on, we finally got to an exit and were able to make it to a gas station before it really died! Uncle Alvin and Laura came and picked us up and took us back to the house where we had an unexpected sleepover! haha!

Me and the girls in our PJs!

The thing that I really liked about this was that Brookelynne is her sweetest and most interactive at night, usually between 9 and 11, and the only people who get to see that are Mitchell and me. So I was really glad that they got to see that side of her! When I went to change her into some pjs, I had her laughing and of course that meant everyone else was laughing too! :) It was sweet!

When we got up Sunday morning, we all had breakfast and Aunt Betty got some more time with Brooke! We got the truck towed back to Jacksonville, and then Laura took us home. Mom and I really enjoyed spending time with "just Laura" because we never get too! We had a really nice time and then I transferred myself into my car with Brooke and headed home. I was sooo exhausted that I took a shower and slept for most of the afternoon! But what can I say? We've got one weekend of 2010 down, just 51 to go! :)

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