Friday, January 8, 2010

Brooke is 3 Months Old!!

Brookelynne in her playseat that her Aunt Betty gave her!

Such a stinker!

I seriously CANNOT believe that my precious little baby girl is already THREE MONTHS OLD! That is CRAZY! :) It seems like just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital! That is just not so! She's growing leaps and bounds and sometimes I just blink my eyes and she's bigger! She weighs 12 lbs and 8 oz the last time that we checked (last week) and may be closer to 13 lbs by now! She has complete control of her little head and knows exactly what she want to do with it! And by-golly if she doesn't want to look at you, she'll whip that head back and forth to make sure she doesn't! HA! She loves sitting up, and hates being laid back, except occasionally when she's eating. She's becoming extremely expressive, she smiles, frowns, laughs, and grunts! It is SO CUTE! I just want to eat her up! She'll talk up a storm if she wants to, but won't do it on demand if my life depended on it! Every day I can see her learning more, and trying more, and its just amazing!

"Ka Pow!" :) My little ninja!

Just today Mitch got her laughing so hard over and over, it was adorable! Almost every day he works on something with her (ie they work on "our Spanish," or "our numbers", or "our letters") but HIS favorite thing for them to work on is saying "Daddy". So to accomplish this end, he started working on her 'd's. So he would say "Brookelynne, let's work on our "D"s. We can say 'Daddy,' 'Doggy', 'Doorbell,' which goes 'ding ding ding ding ding'." And he would say the first words really slowly and then say the 'dings' really quick and she would just laugh! After a few times she got to where she knew it was coming so at "doggy" she'd smile and would be pulling her legs up when he got to "doorbell" and started laughing even before he got to the 'dings.' I was able to grab the video camera and get it on tape! I loved it! So precious!

That video is going to be uploaded some time soon, but until then I'll leave you with one more picture!

My sweetie with her beanie and bow!

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  1. You need to post that video! Mitch said yesterday that they're going to add "Dallas" to their repertoire of "D" words. Haha!