Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Milestone Moment

Brookelynne just accomplished a great feat! She was playing on her play mat, chewing on one of the toys hanging down and I look over and she's turned herself over from her back to her stomach!!! I, of course, was so excited, so I went to see if Mitch was asleep. He was, so I didn't tell him. I came back in the living room and took a picture of her and as I stood back up, she turned herself back onto her back!!!! YAY!!! So then I went and woke Mitch up to tell him and he was really excited too! lol We're such dorks, I know but its a big step!!! YAY for Brookelynne!!


  1. Good for her! I can't wait till Dallas finally rolls over.

  2. That is really exciting! (and as her momma you should be proud :-)