Sunday, December 26, 2010

Presents with Aunt Amy and Levi's Dedicaiton!

Today was the day after Christmas and we had a great time! After getting to sleep in a little bit (and I do mean LITTLE), we go up with Brookelynne around 7:30 and started getting ready to leave the house. We had a much slower pace today because we didn't have Sunday School, so we didn't have to be at church until 10:15. We picked up papers on the way and pulled into the garage around 10.  Mitchell took Brookelynne to her class again (with out me, something I've come to enjoy!) and then we went to the service. The auditorium was pretty sparse looking, but it was a nice service. Dr Brunson spoke on Luke 2:4-5 and pulled from those verses the many ways in which Christ's birth was God's way of coming closer to us on a personal level and the many ways He shows us that he cares for our individual problems/issues/concerns. It was very encouraging.

After church we went to lunch at Applebee's on Lane Ave, and while it took much longer than I would have liked, the food was good, and Brookelynne was pretty well behaved. It was really cute at one point when she was in her booster seat between Mitch and I, I pulled out one of her small balls, and she rolled it back and forth across the table to Aunt Amy, Uncle Josh and Paw Paw. She would get SOOO excited when they would 'catch' it or when she 'caught' it. :) She's gonna be such a good ball player! :)

Helping Aunt Amy with one of her presents!

Then we headed to my mom's to open presents. Since Amy had been sick on Christmas Eve, we decided to wait on her to open our presents from her and Josh and to give her her presents. :) So Josh and Mitch passed out the presents and we all started to open them! Amy had messaged me a while back, saying that she and Josh had seen this really cute 'little' ball pit and wondered if they could buy it for Brooke for Christmas. I told them that would be absolutely fine, but that I would prefer if it wasn't a pink one or super girly, since Braxton is right behind her and would probably be playing in it before too long. So as we're opening up Brookelynne's presents, Amy says "This was the only ball pit we could find in that was gender neutral, but it's a little bit bigger than the others" LOL. By 'little bit' she meant A LOT BIT! haha. Brookelynne had already opened the balls and wanted to play with them, so I said I would try to blow up the ball pit...thankfully Josh remembered that we had the air compressor outside, and instead of me giving myself a headache, we just used the compressor to blow up the pit.

She climbed up on Grandma's present and proceeded to 'bounce' on it!!!

She thought this was hilarious!

She couldn't wait for the ball pit, so she used Grandma's box for a few minutes!

Uncle Josh blowing up the ball pit!

It SOUNDED like a great idea at the time, until it started inflating and we all started looking at how big it was and how big the doors are  and realizing that there is no way that it was going to fit through one of those doors while inflated!  It is literally big enough for Mitchell to get in and sit down with his legs straight and not go across the whole thing! But Brookelynne really did like it a lot and enjoyed bouncing in/on it and playing in there. We're definitely going to need more balls though, lol.

"Look Mama! I have lots of balls!"

Mama helping her jump!

Daddy got in with her! Yes, It's that big!

Playing with Daddy!

Peeking out!

Climbing back in! (She had to go and get Grandma's new gloves before going back!)

Waving at me with Grandma's gloves on!

After playing for a while and cleaning up all the wrapping paper, Mitch, Brookelynne and I headed home because we had to get Brooke a good nap before we left the house again at 5:15 for Levi's dedication. She fell asleep on the way home, but I just moved her to her swing and she stayed asleep right until we left again! Such a blessing! While at home, I started taking the tree down, and promptly at 5:15 we headed out. I somehow managed to leave or lose Brookelynne's bow along the way so she wore her red ski hat the whole night! (But she was still pretty darn cute!) The dedication was really sweet, and Levi has gotten SO big! A lot of Kris's family had come down from Indiana (something that I know means a lot to him), and it was really nice to see all of them again!

The pastor spoke about how much they loved Kris and Marie and what great parents they were and how this was a dedication of themselves to raise Levi in a Christian home and then he prayed a prayer of dedication. Brookelynne was already getting antsy when they finished the dedication, so I took her to the nursery and stayed with her until the service ended, and then we all went back and took some pictures. It was so sweet and we just loved getting to share in it with them.

Marie, Kris and Levi, Mitch Brookelynne and Me

Who would have thought, less that 4 years ago when Mitch and I got married that now we'd all be married and have such adorable babies! God is So Good!

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