Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving times 2!

This year, as with most years since I've met Mitch, we've had 2 Thanksgivings. When I met Mitchell, I was so glad to hear that his Mom liked to do Thanksgiving the Saturday before Thanksgiving. She told me that with Mitch's dad's driving schedule (he's a truck driver), they prefer to have him come home early and be out again by Thanksgiving because it guarantees that he'll be able to be home on Christmas day. So as long as there aren't extenuating circumstances, we do that! (Last year, Jen and her family wanted to come, but couldn't get into town until the day before Thanksgiving, so we did both families on the same day).

So we, like previous years, headed to their house Saturday afternoon for family time and dinner. We left our house during the second quarter of the NC/NC State game because we didn't want to miss any of the second half, and arrived in time to see the rest of the game. While we watched the rest of the game, we spent some time catching up with the grandparents and Brookelynne played with the toys that Nay Nay had out for her! By the time we ate Brookelynne was already ham-ing it up, 'cleaning' her toys, the floor, Daddy's leg, Mama's foot and anything else that she could reach! ('Cleaning' is her new thing, she takes any napkin or towel she can find and starts wiping them on everything!) We had a very good turkey with all the 'fixins' and really enjoyed it. When we got home, we watched the FSU game and got to bed so we would be fresh enough for church!

My family does Thanksgiving at my mom's house, but since my mom got her promotion, she's been working a lot of extra hours, so Brookelynne and I went over there Wednesday afternoon so that we could get the house cleaned and some of the prep done so that my Mom wouldn't have as much work to do. (Besides, Mitch was going to be working until like 8:30). Then we slept in a little bit on Thursday and got up around 7:45. We were supposed to be at my mom's by 9, but Mitchell had forgotten that he wanted to go to CVS, so when he remembered, we started rushing so that we wouldn't be too late getting to my mom's. We went to the CVS at the airport exit, and they had all of the free items in stock, so we got pretty much all of them! :) It was very fun, especially when we got all of our rewards printed out and we had actually made money! :)

Then we got on the road again to my Mom's. When we arrived, Mom sent me up to the store for some bacon and newspapers. Then I helped Mom work on the things she was working on. Amy and Josh arrived a little while later and Amy and I hung out a lot and made the mash potatoes! :) We were so cute, being all domestic and all, lol jk. Josh carved the turkey like he has the past few years, and we all quickly discovered how delicious it was! :) Amy and Mitch were standing by helping Josh 'sample' and 'test' each side as he started on them! :) We ate around 12:30 and it was really good! Plenty of home cooked food and family made for a very nice afternoon. When we got home, we all slept for 3 hours! :) We were WIPED OUT! :) But it was a great day! And as always, we have so much to be thankful for!

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