Saturday, December 4, 2010

Braxton's Family Baby Shower!

"Baby Braxton is Under Construction!"

 The amazing cake! :) Amy's idea! Isn't it cute?
That was the theme our our sweet family shower that Amy and Mrs Teri threw for us! They did a wonderful job, with the cutest decorations and great food! We were able to have several of our family members there to share with us and we really did have a great time. It was at the Zippel's house, and Mitch came along to hang out with Josh and help with anything that Brooke might need while I was being 'Mom to Be' again. :)
 Amy, Me and Mrs Teri!

They had a very nice spread (as you could see before) and once everyone got a little bit of food, we started the games and gifts. The first game we played was super-cute, and it was Braxton's College Fund Edition of 'Never Have I Ever'. I started by saying something I had never done, and we would pass around a piggy bank, if you had done what I had not done, you would put some of your loose change in the piggy bank. :) Braxton's bank officially has more money in it than Brookelynne's! lol. Some of the 'nevers' have been "never seen snow", "never been to NYC" and "never given birth vaginally" :).  It was so much fun!

Here are some of the great people we had celebrating with us...
 My cousin Susie, Uncle Bob, cousin Cameron, Aunt Doris, me and Brookelynne

Then we opened the gifts. We got many great things to help us start Braxton off right! From outfits and burp clothes, to blankets and diapers we have had a great many things given so generously to us. It was wonderful getting to catch up with some of our family that we don't see often, and watching Brookelynne and Abbi playing together and with the dogs. Abbi LOVED the dogs, and kept going into Mrs Teri's room (where they were staying during the party) to play with them!

 My Sister and our Girls! (and belly babies!)
[Abbi was helping Brookelynne hold her head up! lol]
 Belly comparison.... (she's about 10 weeks behind me)
Grandma Gwen and Me
 My sweet friend Sasha

 The former and 'will be one day' Brooks girls! :) (the former are obviously Tricia and I, the 'one day will be' are Amy (with my brother) and Abbi because she's decided to marry Paw Paw when she grows up :) )
 Nay Nay, Mama and Grandma
 Uncle Josh and Daddy!
Even after we got home, Brookelynne and Daddy were still playing with their hard hats!

I am just so grateful for sweet family to love on us, and sweet 'practically' family like Amy and her mom to throw us such a wonderful shower.

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