Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom's Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday we went to Shands Gainesville for Mom's lung transplant appointment! It went really well. We got down there at 7:45 and they had to re-draw Mom's blood because of a confusion in Jax. We went upstairs and they were really backed up. We checked in and went downstairs for her xray, which looked good. Then we waited almost 2 hours before we got to see anyone. Jennifer was the coordinator that came in to go over Mom's meds and she was really nice. Then we saw Dr Akndinae [A-kin-de-na], whom I had never met before. He was really nice and took seriously the issue with Mom's gallbladder. He got us in for another ultrasound and while it took another hour for them to get that done, we did have it done, so that they can get us in with the General Surgeon and HOPEFULLY set up a time to get it taken out on a non-emergency basis.

We went over to Aunt Doris's house and got to spend some time with her, and several of my cousins. Before we left we got to see Carla, Danielle, Cameron, Courtney and Courtney's boyfriend Adam. We laughed our butts off! It was so much fun, they crack me up! :)

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