Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brookelynne got her ears pierced...

Thursday night Brookelynne got her ears pierced! I went over to Regency to get something at Hobby Lobby, and Josh and Mom met me for dinner. We had a very nice time catching up and then went to Bealls. When we left Bealls I called Jeanna, so that she could come up to the mall with us and headed to Claire's.

When I got there, he was piercing two other little girls' ears. (Twin girls who were 7 days younger than Brooke). I really didn't like hearing those other little girls crying but sucked it up and still did it. I was going to let my mom hold Brooke, but then realized that I needed to be the one to do it, so I traded with her.

She was fine until I had to hold her still so that he could mark her ears. She. Hated. It. A Lot! :) She was crying for almost 5 minutes before he even got close to piercing her ears, but believe me, I knew exactly when he did it because her whole little body tensed up and I got a big scream. She was SOOOO sad!

I gave her to my mom and mother in law to console her while I paid and got follow up instructions. We just have to put the solution on her ears 3 times a day and twist them several times. (Which she's had no problem with, doesn't even seem to notice I'm cleaning/twisting them!) They got her calmed down but when I walked over to her and she saw me she started screaming again... :( Anywho, it was fine and she's doing great now. Soooo cute too! :)

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