Monday, March 8, 2010

5 Months and Counting

Today my little girl is 5 months old! I can't believe that it has gone by so quickly! :) She's becoming more and more expressive and independent every day. I'm going to do a bullet style list of the things she's been up too!

-She is eating up a storm! She's up to 3 ice cubes per serving (2 stage one jars) with two or three servings per day. She's had carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, plums, pears, apples, butternut squash, and today we tried prunes! (Which she seemed to really like!)
-She's 15 lbs and 4 oz, 26.5 inches long, and I feel confident that her eyes aren't going to get any darker so I can officially say that she has her Mama's eyes! Yesterday we were looking in a mirror and our eyes have the exact same rings in them, hers are just a shade darker than mine!
-She has been able to pull herself up to standing when she's holding your fingers for 2 or 3 weeks now, but is now able to stand by herself for 5 to 20 seconds at a time. (She doesn't let go voluntarily yet, but she doesn't get scared or mad if you let her go)

-We began working on her sitting up by herself and it only took a couple of days for her to get it pretty well. A week and a half later, she can sit up by herself for 15 or 20 minutes at a time, as long as you make sure she's steady before you let go of her! (Of course we don't let her do this just anywhere, but I'll sit her in the middle of the couch and sit a little ways down from her and she is so cute! She looks around at everything and then the dogs come over and she pets them on their noses, SO ADORABLE!
-She found her rubber ducky...She's had a rubber ducky since before she was born and its always been in the bathtub, but about 10 days ago was the first time she noticed it! I know this because she was looking around and when her eyes saw it her whole face lit up and she started laughing! Now we play with it every night in the bathtub and she sets it on her belly and stares at it while I sing the "Quack Quack" song!
-She doesn't want to lay down on her play mat anymore and look up at the hanging toys. She gets fussy as soon as you put her down there, but she will sit up and play with a toy if you make sure it is one that she can hold herself up on.
-She's wearing 6 month or bigger clothes, and starting to pop out of the 6 month ones! People keep telling me that her growing will slow down soon, I sure hope so! :)

-She loves her songs (We have three that we sing to her over and over, the "I love Brookelynne, yes I do, Brookelynne is my sweetie and I love her true" song, the "My name is Brookelynne and I was getting mad" song and the "B-R-O-O-K-E-L-Y-N-N-E" song where we spell her name out) If you start singing one of those songs, she'll almost always stop crying.
-While she still likes her swing and takes naps in it, she has many new toys that she's really starting to enjoy! Between the Car Walker, Activity Station Walker and her Bouncy Horse, she's always got something to do! I put her in her car and she honks the horn by biting it! Its so funny because she has her mouth as wide as she can with her tongue out and then looks up as hard as she can without moving her cute! When she goes in her activity station walker (in which she still can't quite touch the floor) she kicks her feet and looks very intently at all the different things! (She only really plays with the light up buttons right now, everything else is a little confusing for her!) And then when we put her on her horse she laughs and laughs! She loves leaning over to the side and petting Tama or the couch. Seriously, if the dogs aren't around her she leans over until she can reach the couch and literally pets it! She is also reaching and grabbing the mobile on her swing now which is really fun to watch!
-She's quite a little grabber too! She reaches for EVERYTHING! From her own bottle, to the fork you're putting in your mouth, to the straw in your drink. Anything and everything is what she wants to put her hands on!
-The most recent thing to make her laugh is any kind of animal sound. "Quack Quack" or "Ruff Ruff" are her favorites, but she also laughs at moo, oink, cluck and ribbit!
-She is getting more and more expressive, laughing and talking a lot! She hates when no one is interacting with her, if she's in a room then you have to include her in what's going on or she tells you all about yourself! haha.

I'll leave you with this last picture of my adorable babies! Tama, Brookelynne and Toby! :)

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  1. That picture is great Jenn! And I laughed out loud hen you described how she likes to pat the couch...too funny!