Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gate River Run

Some of my friends and I decided to do the Gate River Run together. Four of the six of us are new moms so we just walked it, but we had a great time! We had all four little ones in strollers and Rachel and Susan were honorary mom's for the day because they took turns pushing stroller so that none of us had to push a stroller the entire time. :)

Since my car is still broken down, Mitch dropped Brookelynne and I off at Julie's house and I rode with her, Susan and Collin. This is Brooke and Collin in the backseat together...aren't they adorable?

We started near the back but were passing people for most of the race. Our goal was to less than 20 minute miles and finish in less than 3 hours. We crossed the start line at 9 minutes after the cannon/gun fired (there were 15000 racers after all) and we finished the race at 2 hours and 55 minutes. :) We were very proud of that.

The race is 15K (or approx 9.5 miles long) and we start on Bay St, go over the Main
St Bridge, through residential San Marco, then around to Atlantic Blvd and over the Hart Bridge.

(Me, Brookelynne and Rachel near the top of the Hart)

While the Main Street Bridge wasn't easy, nothing compared to going up the Hart at the end of the race! The wind was BRUTAL! But we and the babies all did great! We had a pretty uneventful walk, with only 2 stops and one emergency feeding while walking. (Angela was a champ! We let everyone else keep the pace and I hung back helping her stay covered while she walked and fed Dallas, and then she gave Dallas to me and we ran/jogged a quarter/half mile to catch back up!)

This is all of us at the END of the race, we looked pretty darn good, don't you think?

[Angela and Baby Dallas, Rachel, Whitney and Baby Maxwell, Susan, Julie and Baby Collin and Me with Brooke!]

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