Friday, July 24, 2009

Doctors Orders

Wednesday morning I had two doctors appointments. I went to my chiropractor's office at 8 am and got my back readjusted. She even said that she thinks that I'll be fine, and she'll just schedule me if I feel I need it. That was good news!

Then I ran to my mom's house and picked her up to go to my OBGYN/Sonogram appointment! We met my Grandma Gwen at the doctor's office and had the sonogram! It was very sweet. Brooke was not moving a whole lot, but just enough for us to see her kick a little and open and close her fists. They said her brain, bladder, kidneys and lungs looked great. Her heart was beating and we could see all of the valves opening and closing. It was really cool, but she wouldn't turn her head so we could see her face. We did get a profile however and she looked precious.

I had started having some pains about the time I picked up my mom but, assuming they were indigestion, hadn't mentioned them when I got to the doctors. Since it had been over two hours and they hadn't gone away, I decided to mention it during my exam. Paula came in and felt my stomach during some of the pains and felt confident that my uterus wasn't contracting, so she said everything was fine, and it was probably from that persistent bladder infection that won't go away. Just to be safe she was going to do a fetal-fibernextis (sp?) test to make sure I hadn't gone into pre-labor. When she went to do the test, (which consists of swabbing my uterus), my uterus started bleeding, which makes the test invalid. So she went to check my cervix to see if it had turned (which for those of you who don't know, consists of her sticking her hand into my body and around my cervix, not quite as far as her elbow). Well she attempted to do that, but couldn't get her hand inside because my uterus had dropped significantly, something that happens 2 to 4 weeks before giving birth. So at that point she changed her tune and decided that I needed to go to labor and delivery to be watched for an hour to make sure contractions did not develop. When they were certain of that, they sent me home with orders of bed rest and an appointment to check my kidneys, gallbladder, and bladder for stones the next morning.

So yesterday I went bright and early to the hospital to get an abdominal ultrasound, which turned up no stones of any kind. It did however show that Brooke's head had moved from my right side to directly above the birth canal. Yippee. lol. The doctors aren't worried, so neither am I, but it does make for some long and boring days. Thankfully my mom has been here helping me. My bed rest requires that I lay down as much as possible and allows for me to go to the bathroom as needed, take one shower a day and sit up while I eat. Unfortunately, my doctor has also just put me on a very strict diet because I am hypoglycemic. So I have to have someone to make me food, because of the amount of it I have to eat and the diversity of it that I have to have a certain times of the day. (and in this diet, there is no fast food or junk food, so pretty much everything that I could buy at the grocery store that is 'grab and eat' is out):(

The doctor's office wants to see me Wednesday at 9 to determine if the bed rest is working and will at that point give me a more clear understanding of what this means for the baby (ie will I need to go full term on bed rest or will they take her at 36 weeks, what are my chances of making it to 36 weeks without going into labor, etc) So when I know more, so will you guys!

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