Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brooke's Family Shower

This past weekend (July 18th), my Aunt Betty and cousins Kelley and Laura threw me a beautiful shower for our family! It was so nice to have so many family members in my mom's house. Aunt Betty, Kelley, and Laura did a great job (with help from Becca and Hannah) decorating the house and setting up beautiful food and drink tables!

Just to mention a few of the people who made the trip: My Aunt Doris came up from Gainesville (which is great because she rarely gets to come to Jacksonville) and most of her girls were there too! My Aunt Cathy came (looking beautiful) as did my Aunt Debbie and Grandma Gwen. We had several guys there too, including Mitch, my father in law, my Uncle Bob, and Josh. And there were a few little munchkins running around too (my niece Abbi, and cousins Parker and Jonathan!)

I got so many beautiful gifts and had a great time visiting with everyone who means so much to me! Here are a few pics!

These are my beautiful hostesses, from left to right, Aunt Betty, Jonathan, Laura, Hannah, Kelley and Becca!

The mantle covered in gifts!

Mom, Me, Grandma Gwen and Aunt Debbie

My niece Abbi, my sister Tricia, my brother Josh and my cousin Parker

My Pretty Cake!

Mitch and I with his parents, Jeanne and Wayne.

These are the beautiful dedication gowns that my Aunt Doris crocheted for Brooke

For those of you who know me well, know that family events at with my family always include some sort of unplanned excitement. The excitement at this particular event included Josh, my 4 year old cousin Parker, a four-wheeler and a F-350 Diesel truck. You see, Parker was being a little busy body and kept looking for things to do, so Josh decided that he would take Parker and the other little kids on the four wheeler while I was opening gifts. They took a couple rides and all was fine, but then Josh wanted to grab something inside before taking Parker again. The four wheeler was on, and Josh set Parker on it, feeling confident that Parker wouldn't figure out how to make it go (which includes grabbing and turning the handle while pushing a button with your thumb, something that takes a good amount of hand/arm strength). Josh took one step away and Parker grabbed the handle, and turned it while pushing the button making it jump forward. Josh was close enough to get a finger through Parker's arm and pull his hand off of the gas before he (Josh) fell and the back of the four wheeler ran over his arm. Meanwhile, the four wheeler plowed into the front bumper of my Uncle Alvin's truck and Parker then fell off onto the concrete, coming away with just a scrape on his elbow. Of course it made some noise and Parker was crying, so like pretty much everyone went outside to see what was going on while I sat there with presents in my lap wondering what to do. Josh was definitely upset and still isn't quite over the experience and all the what ifs that are going through his mind. It was over in seconds and everything was fine, but it was excitement none the less!

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