Friday, July 31, 2009

Bed Rest Update

So this week has been a long one! Bed rest had been going pretty well with my mom staying with me last Thursday and Friday and Mitch taking great care of me Saturday and Sunday. But on Sunday night I started having problems with the vision in my left eye. I didn't pay much attention to it because it just seemed to have a lot of extra light coming into it and the light was to the left of me so I just ignored it. I decided to take my one shower and while in there, it got much worse. I came out and couldn't read or make out most things. I was calling around to my doctors to see if it was something to worry about and checking with my mom when it just suddenly went away. I was in the middle of telling my mom "nevermind, don't worry about it" when my left arm went numb suddenly, followed by numbness on the left side of my face.

Needless to say, we got up and went to the emergency room. Not that strokes are common in my age group but in rare cases it has been a side effect of pregnancy. So I talked to Mitchell the whole way to the hospital so that he would be able to notice if I slurred, meanwhile the numbness came and went in my arm and face multiple times. I will not put you through the details of what we went through at the ER, needless to say it was another negative experience, but they did get me an EKG and a CAT scan, both of which looked good. Roughly 6 hours after we arrived they came in and told us that I had not had a stroke and that they were pretty confident that my numbness was being caused by and Atypical Migraine.

Monday morning I woke up having had the numbness all night. Around 9 my vision started got a big spot in the middle. It lasted about 35 minutes when I started to get an actual headache. It hurt so bad I don't even know how to explain it. I had already set up an appointment for 1:45 with my OBGYN so that they could check the baby, but the intensity that my headache gained before that was crazy. I was literally wanting to bang my head into walls because I just knew that that had to hurt less that what I was feeling. When we got to the doctor's office I was crying. And continued to. They gave me some medicine and told me that the baby sounded great, so we came home and I slept. They also made me an appointment with a neurologist to double check the CAT Scan.

SO Wednesday finally rolls around, the day I've been waiting for so that we could get an update on my uterus and the progress of my bed rest. I had the neurologist first, which was a huge waste of time because we were in his office for maybe 2 minutes in which time he said something to the effect of "Well your CAT Scan was clean and the symptoms you had are classic symptoms of a complicated migraine. There's nothing we can give you for the migraines while your pregnant so we'll just knock on wood that they don't return, but if you're still having them after the baby is born, come back and I'll give you medicine. Have a good Day" And he actually knocked on his desk when he said the whole "knock on wood" thing. LOL

We then headed across the street to the OBGYN's office where they had lost my appointment. They immediately started trying to work me in and while it took about 45 minutes, they did. Unfortunately they weren't able to work me back into my sonogram appointment, because the machine was booked solid all day. But Paula checked me and said that my cervix and uterus were slightly higher, and that my cervix was thicker which is what we wanted. So she changed my bed rest to modified bed rest which rocks! That means that I can pretty much go about my normal life, but I can't drive and I can't stand up/walk for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. (but that means that I can run into a store with my mom, or make some exchanges as long as I use a wheelchair in the store! :) ) I am allowed to sit up pretty much as much as I want to, but she said that I need to ask myself in each situation "can I sit for this" and if so sit, and "can I lay down for this" and if so lay down. I still have to spend a significant amount of my day laying down but I don't have to have someone here to walk to dogs or make my food so we're happy.

They set me up another appointment for 2 weeks from Wednesday and they will sonogram the baby at that point and make sure she's good! :) (That will put me at a firm 32 weeks). Until then I am just trying to stay out of trouble and keep my headaches from coming back. (I got another one yesterday, but took the medicine Paula had given me immediately so it never got too bad although it hung around for several hours).


  1. Good grief Jen! Well, I'm glad that you're getting a little more leeway. I have an appointment with my doctor today, too, and I'll be curious to see if bed rest has helped me at all.

  2. hey jennifer. i had a migraine that lasted for almost 32 hours 2 days before i had jack. i had to go to the er and they had to give me a strong pain medicine. they told me it was b/c of my blood pressure. make sure they keep an eye on it. i know how you feel. if you need anything let me know.

  3. I am glad they figured out what was wrong! Sheesh! That sounds aweful but it will be worth it in the end!