Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brooke's Family Friend Shower

On July 11th, my very good friend, Sasha, threw a baby shower for baby Brooke. It was absolutely beautiful and everything went great! We had it at Sasha's Mom's house, and I am so grateful to Ms Carol for allowing us to use her house! Sasha did a wonderful job, with beautiful invitations, decorations and food. Everyone loved the food and had a great time.

Here are some pictures from the day!

My beautiful hostess Sasha and me!

My Cake! (Sasha asked me for my favorites and made sure it was yellow cake with chocolate icing!!! :) )

The gift table with me and my beautiful hostess!

3 generations (even if you can't see the third one quite yet!)

Mrs Melody gave us a mattress for Brookelynne Starr. It was so great to see her and have her be a part of this day!

There were many people there, including the other moms from the street I grew up on, some of ladies from my mom's single parent class, and a few other people who I've known for years! It was great to have Sasha, Amy, Allison, Susan and Tiffany there (the only girls my age) because they are all very sweet and wonderful young ladies. Especially since many of them believed that I would be the last one to get married much less have a baby and here I am, the first at both!!! :)

I want to thank Sasha for working so hard. It is greatly appreciated!! I love you!!

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