Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A morning locked out of the house....

So yesterday Mitch and I laid sod in most of the backyard, and it looks fantastic. One of the most important things about putting down sod is making sure that you water it enough that it's not dead in a month. And therefore, it was a priority this morning to go out and set up the sprinklers, and then move them accordingly. I had gone outside 3 different times to set up/adjust them and went out to turn them off and while moving the hose, Brookelynne was knocking on the sliding glass door. So I hurried to turn off the water and went back to the house to get inside. When I reached the door, it was locked. No, no I'm not kidding. Brooke was right there so I tried to get her to unlock it, but she wasn't understanding me.

I ran around the house and opened the garage. I never, NEVER lock the door from the garage to the laundry room, but Mitch apparently locked it last night because it was locked. I looked for the key where we keep it hidden, and it wasn't there. I ran back out of the garage, and tried the front door, just to be sure, but as I knew it was, it was locked. I ran next door and asked to use my neighbor's phone. I tried Mom's cell, but she didn't answer. I don't know her work number and Mitch is in the middle of the ocean going deep sea fishing today, so I didn't know what to do. I went back to the back door and Brooke was standing there crying. I called Mom again and then he (our neighbor) looked up the number for the church and I called Mom at work. When she answered, I told her what was going on and she got on the road immediately. I stayed at the back door, trying to get Brooke to calm down.

Braxton was asleep in the swing, and I could see him from where I was, so I just tried to get Brooke to calm down. We sang her songs, and then she had to go potty (something that she doesn't think she can do on her own anymore) so I told her to take her pants off, and then I told her to go. She cried, but she did. When she came back she sat down in front of the door, and then Brax woke up. He started crying, and I told her to go help him. She wouldn't. When I told her to go hug him, she started screaming. Once she went in there, she didn't hug him, or kiss him, she just cried and they both cried louder. At some point, she decided she was okay, got a book and went and sat on the couch. I'm still sitting at the back door singing their favorite songs at the top of my lungs, hoping to calm Braxton. It wasn't working. He wasn't calming, and Brooke didn't want to help. Then Braxton started to throw up. He gagged a few times (something I can  hear from a mile away since Brooke throws up EVERY time she cries hard) and then he started to throw up all over himself and the swing. He was in a reclined position, so I immediately started to think about how quickly I could break the bathroom window, climb in and get to him. I waited for a moment after he stopped throwing up, and he didn't cry immediately. I threw myself against the sliding glass door and it didn't break, but he did start to cry again. I called mom again and she was getting off at our exit. I called Brookelynne and she stood up on the couch and looked toward me. I told her to get down and give Braxton a toy, and she looked at him and looked back at me, said "No" and sat back down. I once again almost came through that door. I yelled her name again and told her to come to me. She did. I told her to get Brax a toy and she did. About the time she handed Brax the toy, my mom drove into the neighborhood. I kept singing until she came around the corner to our house, and then I ran and met her at the car. She gave me the key and I ran back to the front door, unlocked it and ran inside to Braxton. My mom started laughing as she came inside to the sight of Brookelynne sitting in the middle of my big couch, with a book in her lap and the phone up to her ear. She didn't seem to be the least bit bothered by the whole thing. (Little Stinker).

Mom helped me get Brax bathed, the swing cover washed and some bottles cleaned (because he needed to eat and they were in the sink) . When Brax was eating, and Brooke was playing with mom,  I just started crying at the sink. I was just so glad it was over, and they were fine, and I didn't freak out during it happening. I handled it well, without getting weepy, or acting rashly. And I'm glad of that. I'm also very thankful for my neighbor being home, and outside at the time, and for Mom being at her desk.

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