Monday, September 26, 2011

Milestone Moments of Braxton James: Crawling AND Pulling Up Edition! :)

I know that this shouldn't be possible, but my little man is crawling!!! He's been scooting around the room for a month or so now, getting up on his hands and knees and then falling the other way so that he's moved a foot or so from where he was, but he definitely wasn't crawling or even 'rocking'. And then, almost overnight, he just started crawling. And I don't mean a short distance, or just once or twice. He's crawling across the house, down the hall, into the kitchen. It's crazy!
On top of that, on the same day, the 'pulling up' thing just clicked as well! He's been pulling up on your hands or whatever for a few weeks now, but if there was something stationary, he couldn't pull up on that. Then today he just crawled over to the coffee table, reached up, grabbed on and pulled up! Amazing! He also crawled into the bathroom and pulled himself up on Brookelynne's sink stool.
He is SOOO proud of himself and we're pretty proud of him too! He's so big! Yay for Braxton!

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