Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brookelynne is 2!!!

Brookelynne Starr is officially 2 years old and *big surprise*, I can't believe it! She's growing like a weed and amazing us each day with all that she's learning and doing. She's surpassed all the milestones that are 'average' for her age to be learning and is saying new words every day. It's been such a joy to see her turn into this little girl before me, from the helpless infant that I brought home from the hospital 2 years ago. Here are some stats from her 2 yr visit

Height:              35.5 inches         
Weight:             26lbs

Here are some more facts from Brookelynne's every day life!
~She loves being the center of attention, and will squeal, shout, nudge or sneak to get your attention back if she so desires it.
~ She's day time potty trained. While she still uses a diaper during naptime and overnight, she's completely in panties during the day, any accidents she's had have been few and far between. The biggest source of 'accident' is when she gets to the potty but either can't get her pants down fast enough or doesn't pull them down far enough, and ends up with damp underwear, but usually, its not even bad enough that it gets through her panties and on her pants. [On the potty trained note, the doctors have been EXTREMELY impressed with her. I remember when I told them at 18 months that we were starting potty training, no one was very optimistic and said things like "don't get your hopes up" or "well it's fine to try, but remember she's still young". When we went for her 2 year appt, and a week later with a different doctor for an infection, both of them asked if we had 'just started wearing big girl panties', to which I replied, "No, she's been potty trained for about six months". :) Both Dr Kim and Dr Baker were very surprised and impressed. It was definitely a proud day for this Mama! ]

~ She's a great big sister! She loves 'helping' with anything I'll let her help with, from changing diapers to picking things up for Brax. She loves hugging him and kissing him, sometimes to his detriment. We have to keep an eye on her and occasionally say "Let go of your brother" or "Don't squeeze him so tightly please". lol
~  She can't pronounce her 'f's. Instead of making an 'f' sound she makes an 's' sound which is absolutely adorable! :) We're eating it up, since we know it won't last forever. It's only a matter of time before 'no suss' actually sounds like 'won't fuss' :)

~ She LOVES football! Each week when we turn on college football, she gets very excited and starts saying 'sootball' over and over! She says that it's "gameday" and "Go Noles" each week and LOVES doing the chop!
~ She knows all the words to "Jesus Loves Me" and will sing it with you (even though she calls it 'This I know") And she'll come to me and say "Sing This I know, This I know" :)
~ She's becoming quite the little mommy. She has 4 baby dolls now and plenty of accessories to go with them. It's not unusual to see her pushing her shopping cart with Baby Doll around the house, or changing a diaper at her changing table.
~  She is doing really well in all of her classes. She's been very good about going into her class on Sunday mornings and behaving well. On Sunday and Wednesday nights, she's been up on the third floor with the kids a few months older than her and she's been keeping up easily! Her teachers a few weeks ago told me that she was wonderful, participating fully in each activity and doing everything they asked of her, and she was one of the only ones who is potty trained.
~She LOVES sweets! She will eat candy all day if you would let her and rarely turns down any other sweet.

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