Friday, October 14, 2011

A new camera makes Mama feel goooodddd. :)

How many people have gotten a new camera and found themselves taking picture of everything they can see? That sounds a lot like me these days :). Last year on Black Friday, we picked up a great Canon camera for a really good deal. It takes really good pictures and while it's a little bit bigger than my older camera, it's still small enough to put in my pocket or carry around my wrist. I've really enjoyed it. Mitch decieded to get it because he was having trouble getting good pictures of ebay items on the older one and thought this would be better. It was. But it's still not perfect, but since we still hadn't actually started listing much, he wasn't going to invest any more into it. Luckily for me, he started listing recently, and we've been doing pretty well, so he started looking into getting an even better camera. :) lol

In talking to his co-worker, he was mentioning how he had been looking on craigslist and ebay for a Nikon D3000 or a Canon Rebel, his co-worker mentioned that he had a new Nikon D3000 that he had bought last year because he wanted a really good camera, but once he got it home and realized how big it was and difficult it would be to keep handy, he put it in a closet and hadn't touched it sense. He then followed with the sentence that has had me grinning for a few weeks now... "You can borrow it if you want". :) YAY for me! :) He brought it to work the next day and Mitch brought it to meeeee. Haha.

I've been loving all the pictures that I've gotten. For those of you wondering what difference it can make, here are some comparisons!
New Camera :

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