Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Entertaining Adventures of Brookelynne Starr: Talking Edition :)

Well my sweet baby girl is far from a baby and looking more and more like a kid everyday. (as apposed to an infant). She's been saying words for a while, but with the exception of 'up please' (which is pronounced 'uppppa') she hadn't started saying anything but words. Not phrases and definitely not sentences, until this week. :) She seriously amazes me at some of the things she has begun to say, and almost all of it came over night. Here is a list of some of her new phrases....

*We love to eat salad here, and by salad, I mean lettuce, tomato and cheese with dressing on top, and whenever we do, we cut up a tomato for Brooke and give her some dressing to 'dip' it in. Whenever I buy salad stuff, I buy a lot and we eat a little at every meal for a week or so, so on the second or third day of it, at lunchtime, I pulled the tomato out of the fridge, and out of no where she yelled "Cut em up!" She'll say it over and over and anytime you ask her what we do with tomatoes, she'll say "Cut em up!" with this big goofy grin on her face!

*She's MASTERED possession. I don't know if I'm the only mother who thinks of her child's achievement as checkmarks in an English textbook chapter list, but I do, and she totally get's possession, lol. Her favorites are "Mommy's Car", "Daddy Car" [these are said EVERYTIME we see the cars], "Mommy Cup", "Gabba's Truck" (Grandma's Truck), "PawPaw Truck", "Gabba House"[everytime we get in the car], "Brooke Bow", "Ba's Hat" (Braxton's hat) and "Mommy Bag" [this is her diaper bag that we need to get before we leave her classroom. Every time I go to pick her up, before she'll come to me, she tells me to get her bag by saying "Go, Go, Mommy Bag, Mommy Bag, Go" :)]

*She has a new sound association, and that is the very unique noise that trucks, and more specifically, Paw Paw's truck makes. Most people say that cars or trucks say 'Vroom, Vroom" and that's what I tell Brooke that Mommy's car 'says', but my dad makes noises for things that actually sound like the thing sounds. Anyway, Paw Paw's truck says "Nunnnnn, nunnnn, nuunnn" and for some reason it clicked this week. For a full day she said it over and over, "Paw Paw truck, nunnnn, nunnnn, nunnnnn" and it's hilarious. Seriously :) [oh, and apparently Gabba's truck makes the same sound]

*She's started saying 'more ____ please', instead of just whatever it is she wants over and over. :)

*Her new favorite thing to say is "Nap time over" lol. She even told me that when nap time had just started the other day! haha. Silly Girl!

Anyway, Husband needs the computer and I need to get to bed. I'll post more later!

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