Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Wrap Up!

 August has been a very busy month in the Pearson home! We have had big things going on in everyone's lives! Mitchell has been doing well at work, and we're almost done with his 7 month stretch between vacations. (He had planned on having one in the beginning of June, but had to take it early when I was having trouble after Brax's birth) We've just got to make it through September and we'll a week of vacation, start up peak season, his last vacation in November and then the home stretch through Christmas. In addition to UPS, he's always had a desire to find a way to work from home, and has thought that buying and selling online would be a great way to do that. In the last year or so, he's talked about starting something multiple times, but never really followed through. Well at the beginning of August, he decided to 'follow through' :) and started an ebay store. He's been picking things up at thrift stores and garage sales and listing them online, and I've been handling all the correspondence with buyers as well as shipping and handling. It's been quite a roller coaster ride trying to figure out a balance to be efficient and effective while not spending so much time that we're neglecting other things. We've sold 35 things so far and are actually making money already! We've gotten a few 'high dollar' items that we purchased for $2 and $3 respectively that we sold for $50 and $95 respectively. :) It definitely makes you want to work harder for sure!

The kids have been quite the little accomplish-ers lately as well! Braxton started the month out by sitting up all by himself! I've been working with him for a month or so but he never could sit for more than a few seconds before losing his balance and falling over. Then one day it 'clicked'. :) I sat him up and he stayed that way for almost half an hour! He's really enjoyed playing by himself and being able to reach for toys and such.
He's still not crawling but if he's sitting up he can manage to 'scoot' a couple of feet forward. I'm really not sure how he does it without falling over, but he does!

Brookelynne has been doing great too!! She is starting to say more and more and more words each and every day. Sometimes I just look at her like "seriously? You just said __________?!?!?!" :) It's because she's awesome. lol (that's Mitch's response when I'm impressed by her) Anyway, she's also become interested in water. I know, now, at the end of the summer, when the pools are closing and the weather is cooling down, now she starts to like water again. But this is the situation we have! She really does love it now and every time she sees water she starts screaming to get in! I'm going to try to get some extra water time in before it gets too cold. We'll see!

We've also had a trip and some sicknesses, so I'll update on those soon!

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