Monday, May 30, 2011

TEAoBS: Potty Training Edition, Part 3 Car Seat Trained! :)

We are almost there! :) I know it sounds crazy, but my baby girl is car-seat potty trained. (Meaning she will hold it until she gets out of the car!)

Yesterday we had a Sunday School Day Retreat to the Hurst's Lakehouse a couple hours from here. We got up and loaded the car and put a diaper on our "Little Miss". For good measure, we brought her potty with us (since I didn't know how many bathrooms there would be, and how 'occupied' they would be throughout the day. That, I now know, was the best idea ever. lol

We got on the road, and made it to 103rd St before Brookelynne started saying "Potty, Potty", so Mitch looked at me and I said to ignore her, she had a diaper on, and she had probably already gone in her diaper (like she did in the car on Wednesday). But a minute or so later she started yelling again and I told him to pull off the road. We pulled into a parking lot, pulled the potty out and sat her on it. All she did was try to turn around and see the cars. She kept saying "Car" over and over until I finally decided to just put her back in the car. We looked at each other and agreed, she's just have to go in her diaper, because we weren't going to stop 20 times for 'false alarms'. When we missed our exit on Blanding, she started screaming again. Mitch said, "Just go in your diaper" and she freaked out! She was screaming "No Ma, No Ma, No Ma!!!"  So, we told her to hold it until we could get off the interstate.

So we got off at Roosevelt, turned onto a side street and into a parking lot for a closed business. She went potty this time and we got back on the road. We had to stop 2 more times on our way down but she made it all the way with no accidents or 'wet diapers'. She didn't have any accidents at the house either! I was so proud of her. Then when we headed home, we had to make 2 stops and she did fabulous! I had so much confidence that she'd make it that I didn't even put a diaper on her to go home! I'm so proud of my little angel!

Funniest part of the day was when the adults were outside having our Bible study and most of the kids (including both of mine) were inside with a few of the adults, Mrs Sturgill, my high school Sunday School teacher, looked around and noticed Brookelynne's panties on the ground and no Brooke in sight! Needless to say this new grandma was a little anxious about such a fact! haha. I'm so proud of my big girl!!!

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