Monday, May 23, 2011

Braxton is 4 months old!!!

I seriously cannot believe that it has been 4 whole months since my precious baby boy took his first breath. We are so incredibly blessed to have him in our lives. :)  We just got home from his 4 month appointment with Dr Kim and he checked out great! He did much better at his appointment than Brookelynne ever did, went right onto the scale with no fussing and even smiled while he was getting weighed, and then was fine throughout the entire exam, cooing and smiling at Dr Kim. Here are some stats for the records as well as a list of his 'what he's doing now' :)

Height/Length:               24.5 inches
Weight:                           14 lbs 11 oz
Head Circumference:     43 cm

* He is firmly in size 2 diapers. There were a couple of weeks where he could still fit in size ones but was about to pop out of them, but now we're in full swing with size two. (We still have 4 pks of size ones that I guess will go into the garage to await baby #3!)
* We pulled out his 3-6 month and 6 month clothes a couple weeks before he turned 3 months and he's already out growing some of them! He's such a big boy!

* He's in size 2 shoes for the most part, but some of them are a little too big still. He doesn't wear shoes often, but he does wear them to church and they're super cute on him!
* He's still eating about 6 oz every 4 hours during the day. A 'normal' day has him eating at 8 am, noon, 4 pm, 7 pm and 9:30 pm, as well as one time during the night at either 2 am or 4 am. He also has cereal in his 9:30 bottle. We're going to start him on food tomorrow and hopefully that will be the extra thing that gets him to sleep through the night.
* He doesn't stay in his bouncer very often at all, and has really begun to enjoy his swing and other toys.
* We pulled out the Jumperoo last week and while he's not jumping in it yet, he can touch the ground and has really enjoyed hitting the different things on it. Brookelynne tries to 'bounce' and 'swing' him. Obviously, we had to stop that fun game! lol

* He is super smiley! He smiles all the time and always smiles when he looks at you.
* He has started giggling! He giggles at all kinds of things including my ponytail, peek a boo games, and 'getcha, getcha goos'. He even laughs when Brookelynne 'gets him'. She pokes his belly and says "gooda, gooda, gooda". It's hilarious for all of us! :) His laugh is sweet and understated (not like Mama and Brookelynne), not a belly laugh, but like he laughs just long enough to realize that he might miss something if he doesn't pay attention, and quiets back down! :)

*He loves tv. No I'm not kidding. The kid can be anywhere in a room, and if there is a tv on, he's looking for it and staring at it. Too bad for him that he's not going to be a tv or computer game baby.

* He especially loves Basketball. We've been watch a lot of it lately with the NBA playoffs going on and needless to say, it's his favorite thing to watch! He sits on Daddy's knee and they cheer on the Heat!
* He still sleeps in a swaddle blanket. My mom asked me to stop, but quite frankly he sleeps better with it, and I would much rather him 'need to be swaddled' than 'need to have a paci', so we'll be sticking with it at least a little bit longer.
* He as several nicknames. Brookelynne still calls him 'Braaa". Daddy and Mama call him "Man", "Brax-Man", and "Dude". I call him "Man" more than anything most days. I'm constantly saying "Hey Man, I see you" or "Hey Man, I love you" :)
* He can hold rattles, shake them and switch them from one hand to the other. :) Yeah, he's pretty much a genius! hehe

* He still doesn't like his carseat but behaves pretty well for short periods of time. Wednesday nights are really hard on him. I haven't figured out exactly why, but he pretty much screams the whole way home every week. Even if I leave early, stay later or feed him on the way, it doesn't matter, he's just mad and tells me about it at the top of his lungs all.the.way.home.
* He really likes his big sister! :) She'll come up to him and pop into his field of vision and start talking to him and he'll start grinning as big as he can. This of course encourages Brookelynne to continue what she's doing and thus begins minutes of entertainment for Mama and Daddy! :)

* He still hasn't gotten any teeth, but he's started teething, because he'll have days or hours where he slobbers non-stop and gnaws on everything! :) He especially likes his fists or our fingers!

* He "talks" all. the. time!!! :) He's much more talkative than his sister ever was! He ooos and aawwws all the time and it is super cute! If you have him face to face and talk to him for a minute and then stop talking, he'll start talking back to you! It's so adorable! I think he'll be talking much sooner than others!
* We've started working on 'sitting up', but he's not taking to it very quickly. I'm sure he'll master it in the next few weeks though! And we're very excited about that because that's when they start to get SUPER fun! :)

All in all, our little man is fantastic and we're SOOOO thrilled to have him and see him grow! :)

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  1. ***LOVE***
    He's so cute! My favorite picture is of him and Brookelynne on the couch. Collin had jeans and a lime green polo too :)