Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TEAoBS: Potty Training Edition Part 2: The Training Begins!

Thursday Morning we began this whole process known as 'potty training'. I was armed with a potty chair, easily sanitized toys, blockaides for the kitchen, shop towels and plenty of lysol and lysol wipes. :) I woke Brookelynne up, took off her diaper and brought her into the kitchen. I'm not sure this needs to be said, but that morning was the longest I've had in a while! lol. My sweet darling who usually fills a diaper within 20 minutes of waking up, didn't do any 'business' for almost 3 hours. And then when I had started pumping, Braxton had just started crying and I was about to scream she stood a foot from the potty and peed everywhere! I almost screamed. Seriously. It was more than trying my patience! lol.

By the time she got up from her nap, my back was aching from being in the kitchen all day. I don't know whether it was standing doing dishes, sitting straight up in the chair or playing with them on the floor, but my back was Killing Me! So, I had un-'blockaided' the kitchen, brought her potty chair into the living room and put it on a towel so that I could sit on the couch. By the time Mitch got home around 7, I was extremely frustrated. While she had used the potty 4 or 5 times, she had also had 'accidents' 4 or 5 times and I felt like I had spent my day cleaning up stuff, sanitizing myself and Brooke while taking care of Brax as well. By bedtime I was just glad the day was over.

Friday morning we got up and repeated the process. Clean her bottom and leave her sans diaper. My mom was coming up around noon so that I could take Brax for his 4 month appt/shots, so I was interested to see how she was going to do. She had 1 accident Friday morning (mainly because she had climbed up into her high chair and couldn't get down in fast enough to get to the potty.) I had her take an early nap, so she'd be in a good mood for my mom. My mom thought I was crazy to let Brooke walk around without a diaper, but I tried to explain to her that if you put a diaper or pull up on her, that she just potty-ed in it with out reservation. I left and went to Brax's appt and when I got back, Grandma was a little frustrated too. lol. She had put a pull up on Brooke, and she immediately pooped in it and then took it off. And since it was Grandma, Brookelynne as insisting on being held and she had a little accident on Grandma's hip. When I got home, I put panties on Brooke and when Mitch arrived shortly after we fought the battle of making her keep them on! lol. My sweet innocent little girl had quickly decided she wanted to be a nudist! haha. Needless to say, that was not acceptable.

Saturday morning I got out of the house and ran an errand before the kids got up, and when I got home, Brookelynne had already potty-ed twice. She was still having some issues Saturday with starting to pee in her panties before she got to the potty, but it wasn't much and didn't leak through. She still wasn't very good at telling me that she needed to potty, but by Saturday night, she was more than good enough to go and potty with out any help.

Sunday was a crazy day, and she had 2 accidents during Sunday school, but the teacher was trying to make her go like 35 feet before she started peeing, and that was just not realistic yet. So by the time we got back to her class, 70 minutes later, she was in a diaper. Mitch and I were already scheduled to be in her room that week for the service hour, so when we got in there, I went ahead and put her back in panties. She went to the potty twice during that hour for us without any accidents, so we were really proud of her! After church we put a diaper on her for the car ride down to Aunt Tricia's so that she'd have one on if she fell asleep. She did great and didn't use it though. We had Abbi's birthday party and then I took Brax back to church while Brooke went home with Daddy and continued doing great, with no more accidents. But she still couldn't pull her panties down by herself.

So Monday was the day of 'panty basics' lol. We pulled them down and then up and then down and then up and then down and [can you guess it] then up! :) By 10:30, she was doing really well with it! So much so, that I even called Mitch at work to tell him about it! By noon, I decided to go ahead and move her potty back into the bathroom, because I felt good that she could realize she needed to go, get her panties down and get down the hall in time. She did very well, and only had one accident the whole day, and that was when we were on our way home from the store. She had made it through 2 car rides and 2 stores, 2 hours gone from the house without an accident and had one less than 2 miles from our house! Needless to say, I felt horrible, that I hadn't paid better attention to help her be successful.

Tuesday she did even better, with no accidents all day (except getting her panties a little damp once, but not even enough to make them wet.) And I can honestly say that I was thrilled and very confident that she had it down! We are super excited that she's basically done. Each day she gets more and more control and is able to hold it longer and have more notice when she needs to go. We're not going to push her to be car trained (except for 10 or 15 minutes at a time) or nap trained until she's ready. We'll see how long that takes!

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