Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TEAoBS: Potty Training Edition: Bloopers. :)

So we have some good news and some bad news.... lol. The good news is that she is good enough to tell me that she needs to potty and even if she can't quite hold it until we get the bathroom, she can stop herself once she starts.

So today in Target, I'm walking around the children's clothes when she tells me she needs to potty. I go to pick her up to find that her panties are wet, but they're not soaked, so I ask her if she still needs to potty and she says yes. I changed her pants/panties and then we trekked to the front of the store. We went into the "family restroom" (officially my favorite part of the store now!) and she potty-ed on the potty. She got off, I cleaned everything, put it all back into the buggy (which was where Brax was happily sleeping in his car seat) and rolled us all out the door. A second later, Brooke said "Potty" again. So I asked her if she needed to GO potty, to which she said yes, so we went back into the family restroom and repeated the process. After which we headed back to the baby department to pick up the bottle liners and toilet cover that we actually came to get.

I picked up the bottle liners and headed to the isle with all the potty training gear and started comparing prices and features. I was looking at the toilet seats that you put on regular toilets, because we need one that can permanently be in the bathroom and not have to come with us to public restrooms. These were all hanging on the top shelf, so while I was aware that Brookelynne was near my feet, I wasn't watching her every move or anything. A minute went by and I realized she was quiet, so I look down, and my sweet little daughter had pulled one of the portable 'potty chairs' off of the shelf, lifted the lid, pulled down her pants and potty-ed right there in the middle of the Target Baby Department. I quietly squeaked out her name and she replied by looking up at me, saying "potty" and clapping for herself. I didn't have a mirror but I'm pretty sure this was the moment that I turned about 18 shades of red.

So I grabbed her wipes, knelt down and cleaned her and pulled up her panties. About that time, Brookelynne reaches for the part that comes out saying "dump, dump", just in time for me to realize that there is no where to 'dump' this anywhere around here. So I tell her I'm doing to dump it, to which she about pitches a fit. I make her get into the buggy and let her hold the rest of the potty chair as I walk through the whole store, back to the front, pushing this buggy with now 2 crying/fussing/pitching a fit babies with one hand and trying not to spill pee out of this container in the other.

Needless to say we purchased this potty that we didn't really need and I got out of that store as FAST as I possibly could. And just because of my embarrassment, a copy of this post will accompany her on every first date for the rest of her life! lol :) jk


  1. This cracks me up! I would have been just as embarrassed as you! At least she went in a potty, and not on the floor! :)

  2. This is freaking hilarious! And people wonder why I'm not quite ready to potty train Dallas :)