Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Braxton is 5 months old!!!

Who can believe that its been 5 months since this sweet little boy entered the world? Because I surely cannot! He is growing so much each day and gets just a little bit more of my heart every time I look at him. He laughs and coos all the time and rarely gets upset. He has such a sweet disposition and everyone says he look just like his Uncle Josh. Ironically they also say he looks like Brookelynne who apparently looks 'just like Mitch' and anyone who knows Mitch and Josh knows they look nothing alike, lol. :) Here are some pics and stats from the past month!

* Can sit up for short periods of time, but I really haven't been working on it with him very much because of how busy we have been.

* LOVES his toys!! Rattles are his favorite right now but he also likes playing with his paci pets. (The frog and dog that are connected to his pacis)

* He's rolling over everywhere! If you put him down for any amount of time, he'll roll over within minutes. :) He doesn't mind being on his belly but once he's tired of it, he'll let you know.

* He's going through 2 to 5 bibs each day between his drooling and spit up. You would think he would have a tooth or two by now but none in sight! He's got the best toothless grin though!

* Is quite the socialite! He talks to everyone!

* Loves to stand up/straighten out. Anytime you lay him down, he's as straight as a board. They should have no problem measuring his length any time soon because he's as long as he can be every time he lays down! He also loves to stand up. You have to fight him to get him to bend at the waist most days, but if you just put his feet on the floor he'll hold his own weight for 30 minutes or more. I've even started holding just his hands or just putting my hands on his hips, and while he's not super stable, he'll stand on his own for short spurts.

* Is about to pop out of all of his 3-6 month and 6 month clothes. We pulled out the 9 month clothes last week and are starting to clear out his drawers and replace them. I've noticed that we don't have many 9 month church clothes though. Guess that means I'm going shopping soon! :)

* He naps in his swing often times, mainly because he's in the 'fighting sleep stage' and it's much more effective to put him in the swing and swing it fast to get him to fall asleep than to hold him tight and make him go to sleep because as soon as you put him down, he's up again..
**** He's sleeping through the night!!!!!! ******** :) He started this at about 4.5 months, and has done great with it. He takes his last bottle around 9 and then I just lay him in his bed and he goes right to sleep! He's so precious and hardly ever fusses. If he does fuss, I let him do so for several minutes until he's about to cry and then I walk in there and give him his passy. He immediately takes it and is out in seconds.If you try to give it to him any sooner than that, he won't take it. (Little stinker!) :)

* He's starting to know my voice even from across the room. If I'm outside of his classroom at church and talking, he starts turning his head to me and immediately smiles when he sees me! Its so stinkin cute! (Oh, and in case you were wondering, he has the best smiles ever!)

* He doesn't have any favorite toys yet, but does like playing with rattles. Especially the ones that he can shake and make a good amount of noise.

* He puts EVERYTHING straight into his mouth! I know this is 'normal' but it's so new to us because Brooke never did that. Literally everything that his hand touches goes in  his mouth, so we now have a much more clean-conscious Mama over here! It never bothered me with Brookelynne if she dropped a toy on the ground or even if she picked something up off the ground because 95% of the time, she'd just play with it and then put it down/back. Not Little Man, he immediately tastes it, meaning when he drops it on the floor, he puts those germs right into his mouth. Not cool. :) It makes me wonder what type of learner that will make him. Hopefully I figure that out soon! haha

*We finally found a song that he likes!!! Unlike his big sister and his Mama, he was not at all concerned with music for the longest time! You could sing and sing and it didn't calm him a bit. I stumbled upon a tune that he likes and we now officially have the first 'Braxton James Song" :) It goes "Where is Braxton James, Braxton James, Braxton James, Where is Braxton James? He's sitting right over there" We also substitute  "I love...he's our sweet baby boy" and Brookelynne's name for more variations of the song.

 * He's eating solids! He has had carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, green beans, peas, peaches, strawberries, kiwi, spaghetti squash and butternut squash. He doesn't like the squash though! :) We started him on it right at 4 months, and it took him quite a while to get good at eating off of a spoon, but he's gotten it now! We knew he wanted to eat, because if you kept at it, he'd eat 2 or 3 ice cubes worth each day for the first week or so and then 4 to 6 ice cubes each serving after that. He eats great now, just as long as its not squash, lol.

* He LOVES his big sister! He thinks she is hilarious and loves when she plays with him or talks to him. If she comes into his line of sight he always smiles and usually laughs anytime she does or if she makes faces at him. She'll play peek a boo with him, which they both love, and she loves to do 'giccha giccha goo" with him while she pokes his belly!

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