Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our New Years Christmas-es....

Well this year worked out quite unusually, with Christmas and New Years Days falling on Saturday, making the past two weekends very festive! Obviously you've been able to read about our many celebrations so far, but if you know us, you'll notice that there was obviously family missing! For one reason or another, we can't always see everyone on Christmas Eve, Day or the day after (most years because of Mitch's hectic work schedule, and this year partly due to other people's schedules) so we do our best to celebrate with them ASAP...That meant 2 jam packed holiday weekends in a row! Here is the rundown of our celebrations!

Saturday morning we got up and spent a few hours relaxing at the house. I double checked the presents and made sure we had all the presents for everyone we were going to see all weekend already in the car, and then we headed out. We wanted to go to the outlet mall in St Augustine to get some clothes for Braxton, and needed to run some more 'Braxton errands' before we did. So we went to Target and Babies R Us and used the gift cards we had left! I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever worked harder on a shopping list or on 'matching coupons' than I did for this trip. We had our "10% off everything left on your registry" coupon, as well as target and manufacturers coupons on most of our items! We walked out of there with $220 worth of baby things for $145. (which was a little less than we had in gift cards). These included 6 or 7 pks of diapers 15 pks of wipes, 8 50-count pks of breastmilk bags, 4 pks of bottle nipples, 2 baby ibprofin, 2 baby tylonal, 3 milocons, 2 pks of baby spoons, 2 pks of 8 oz bottles for my breast pump, 4 pks of bottle liners, and some diaper rash ointment! I was so proud of myself! :) We also got some clearance clothes for an additional 40% off at Babies R Us.

Then we headed out to the outlet mall and I hit up Carters, Gymboree, OshKoshB'gosh, and Toys R Us Express. (The last one wasn't on our list but when Mitch saw they had a 75% off clearance, we went in and spent 45 minutes picking out toys for next Christmas). Anyway, I had been very frustrated with the clothes that we have for Braxton (and the clothes that are even available to begin with) because it seemed like I couldn't find, much less buy anything that was less than size 6 months that looked more 'dressy' than a sweat suit. (Except for the $45 'suits' which is a ridiculous price that I would never pay for something he'll only wear for a few hours at a time, once or twice!) But knowing how 'dressy' Brookelynne gets for church, I could just hear people saying "You can see which one is her favorite!", as I walk around with Brookelynne in a princess dress with matching bow and fufu socks, and Braxton is the equivalent of a sweatsuit. But I digress.... when I went into Gymboree, I found a very cute little collared shirt to match some sweet little brown pants, an outfit and extra long sleeved collared shirt at Carters, and then several adorable polos/slacks at OshKosh! I came home feeling much better since Brax will at least look 'dressed up' for Sundays!

Then we finally made it to my sisters! (Every store seemed to take 10 or 15 minutes longer than planned with Brookelynne in tow, and we were running behind). She had all of the siblings over to her house for the kids to get their presents, and have nice New Years dinner! It was very sweet of her to have us over and the food was wonderful! Abbi and Davis were so glad to have Brookelynne get there so that they could play with her, and took her outside immediately to slide and swing with them! :) They guys had the games on in the house and the girls got to spend some time catching up in the kitchen before we all chowed down! The only one missing was my nephew Austin (as his Mom was getting remarried that day). The kids got some very cool presents and all of them were very excited! (Uncle Josh and Aunt Amy were the hit, as they got the 'cool toys' for Davis and Abbi!) Abbi loved her new baby doll, and Davis loved his new nerf gun! Uncle Josh and Uncle Fred were more than happy to help him learn how to use it!
 Brookelynne didn't like the 'big girl swing'
 But Abbi's a pro!
 Aunt Amy and Uncle Fred playing topple with Davis and Abbi!
 The kids opening presents!

 Uncle Fred showing Davis how to use the his new nerf gun!

 Notice Uncle Josh was playing with the other nerf gun!
 Aunt Amy and Brookelynne playing with the cool piggy bank!
First it's Aunt Amy's turn, then Brookelynne's!

 Abbi getting in on the shooting!
 A Siblings Picture! :)
Josh, Tricia, Me and Fred
(Who would have ever guessed that me and my sister would be pregnant at the same time!??!)
Siblings with our Other Halves!
Mitch and Me, Josh and Amy, Chris and Tricia and Freddy!

 Sunday morning we got up and went to church and had a great time! Then we headed over to Nay Nay and Poppy's house for lunch and presents with them! Jeanna had made a very good lunch and we really enjoyed it! Brookelynne finished most of Daddy's plate! Then we opened presents! Brookelynne did a  great job and Nay Nay helped her whenever she got hung up on something!

 She wanted to show Mama her presents for a change! After opening them, she would bring them for me to open up and let her play with them. I kept having to remind her that there were more presents to open before we played with the ones we had just gotten! When I finally started opening the boxes for her, she then wanted to open Nay Nay's presents!

 Helping Nay Nay open her presents!

 Brookelynne had a very good time with Nay Nay and Poppy and was very cute! Around 2:30 or 3 we headed home (because it was way past BoggaBoo's nap time! She fell asleep on the way home, so instead of waking her and shortening her nap, I just went inside and changed and then Brookelynne and I headed to my mom's for Christmas with the Avary's! (Mitch had to go to bed because he had to be at work by 3 am.) Brookelynne slept most of the way to the house and then was more than happy to go inside and play with Paw Paw until everyone else got there!

 Josh and Amy, Nickie, Philip, Parke and Emma all arrived about the same time, and we enjoyed getting to see everyone. We spent a half hour or so just catching up and then let the kids open their presents!
 Parker was a very helpful big brother and made sure that Emma got all the paper off of her presents! And Brookelynne got a baby doll that she loved!

 Nickie had found some cute UGA and UF necklaces and got them for Mom and Amy respectively, but they accidentally switched the bags and opened the wrong ones! Of course they weren't keeping it that way! LOL. Brookelynne wanted a necklace too, so she got to pick between Grandma's and Aunt Amy's. She picked Grandmas!!!!! :) Such a smart girl!

Mom, Nickie and Amy
After that we went to dinner at Cross Creek and had a very nice time! Everyone got plenty of food and we even left with 2 full to-go boxes worth of left overs! When we got back to the house, we sat around catching up some more and just enjoying family time. PawPaw/Uncle Fred was a big hit with the girls (as usual!). This is a picture of him, Brookelynne and Emma working on a puzzle together! 

Brookelynne and I didn't make it home until close to 10, but we both slept well that night! We had a great weekend and were so thankful to get to see and spend time with so many loved ones! We are so blessed!

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