Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brookelynne and Braxton meet eachother!

Once I was settled into my postpartum suite, (where I am allowed visitors under 5 years old), my first priority was getting my sweet little girl to meet her sweet little brother. So I waited for a little while, and then called Mitch to see where he was at. He told me that they were on the way up, and the nursery (unfortunately) was pushing Braxton back to my room just as they came down the hall. (They were supposed to call me before bringing him). Anyway, someone noticed, and distracted Brookelynne while they turned Braxton's cart around and returned to the nursery. It was very important to me that Braxton be out of the room when Brookelynne came in and saw me. So they brought her in, and it took her a few minutes to get warmed up to the idea of me in the bed, with the gown and the fact that everyone else was looking at her. She definitely knew something was different/weird, but she wasn't so sure what that was, lol. When she would come to me, I sent Mitchell to get Braxton from the nursery, and I got her up on my lap and we started singing her songs (so she would stay on my lap w/o moving and be in a really good mood!) We were singing "The itsy bitsy spider" when Daddy got to the door with the cart.

Practicing her "itsy bitsy spider"

Daddy bringing over Braxton

 Family of 4

Of course, at this point, everyone in the room got silent and pulled their cameras out, so Brookelynne froze and started looking around. :) lol. She was on my left leg, facing the door that Daddy had just come in, and as Mitch picked Braxton up, he looked at Brookelynne and said "Hey Brookelynne, where is Braxton?" [This is not a new question to Brooke, since we've been asking her this since she started registering what things are, and her answer has always been to pat my belly. It has only been in the past few weeks that Mitch has been telling her "Braxton is in mommy's belly, Braxton is a baby in mommy's belly", which I was pretty sure she had no comprehension of. And this morning, on our way to drop her off, with both car seats in the back, Mitchell asked her where Braxton is, she pointed to me, and he said "Yes, Braxton is in mommy's belly, but today he's going to come out and then he's going to sit in that seat." (pointing to Braxton's car seat). She nodded her head yes and really seemed to understand, which I found to be hilarious! ] So she looked over at me, back to Mitchell, at me once again and then pointed right to Braxton! :) We were so happy that she seemed to realized that he was a baby and he was the same Braxton that had been inside Mama's belly!


Giving Kisses

Then Mitchell brought him closer and asked her if she wanted to see him, which of course she did. So I held him in my right arm, and she pointed to his nose, and patted the blankets several times. I asked if she wanted to hold him, which of course she did. So I turned him around and held him in front of her, on her lap. She kept patting his blanket and we asked her if she wanted to give Braxton a kiss, and she did. :) She had to keep doing it over and over so that we could get a picture of it, and once she had kissed him several times, I could tell she was done, so I asked her if she wanted Mama to take him back. She shook her head yes and then tried to 'give him to me', which she did the same way she hands all of her dolls to me...by picking them up by the neck! Of course I stopped her and told her that Mama would just take him back, she didn't need to hand him to me, and she sat patiently as I did so. Mitch got a little freaked out though! lol

 Smiling for a picture

  The Pearsons!

Mitch picked Brookelynne up off my lap and she went back to playing with all of the people in the room. I was so thrilled that she seemed to understand that he was ours and that that was okay. She didn't get jealous and it was huge to me that she could leave me while I was still holding him. Thought out our hospital stay, she did really good with everything, from letting me hold him, to the way she interacted with him each time she saw him. The only time she really got 'concerned' about what was going on is when my dad picked up Braxton, and then she all of a sudden wanted to be sitting right there too! Of course Paw Paw put her on his other knee and they talked to Braxton together, so it was okay, but she definitely wasn't going to leave him alone with her Paw Paw!


  1. Oh my word their first time meeting was so sweet! And what a good idea to have her in the room before the baby came in. I didn't even think about that. lol
    The pictures are super sweet! Hope you're recovering quickly! :)

  2. awww so precious!! You look like you delivered at my hospital- If so, hope it was a great experience.