Saturday, April 17, 2010

Collin's Birthday Party!

Our sweet friends, Julie and Son, have a sweet son, Collin, who turned one on Friday! So we had Brookelynne's first birthday party to go to today! Julie did a wonderful job of decorating and setting up and we had a great time! We ate first, while the little ones played! This is Maxwell,Dallas, Brookelynne and Clara playing together...

Then we had some awesome pool time! Julie set up a baby pool, but most of the babies were not very happy with it! They all cried either as soon as the got in the pool or after they got splashed a little, except Brookelynne!

My sweet girl didn't flinch when Lilo splashed her, she even joined in. And when she fell forward, into the water, we sat her up quickly and said "Good Job!!" and she just laughed!

When we got her out of the pool, we wrapped her in her bathrobe, which looked ADORABLE on her!

And got dressed for a wagon ride in Collin's new wagon! Clara and Dallas were headed out for a ride, but they just really wanted Brooke to join them, so we sat her down in the middle! :)

And sweet baby Dallas, who can apparently fall asleep ANYWHERE, was tired enough to pass out while in the wagon!

Before we headed home, the Birthday Boy played in his cake! :) Such a cutie! Happy Birthday Collin! Thank you for having us at your party! :)

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  1. That was such a fun party! I still think it's too cute that Dallas and Brooke matched their outfits. Also, Dallas looks so pitiful in her swimming pool picture. LOL!! :)