Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brookelynne is 6 Months Old!

Well it is very hard to believe, but my little Brookelynne has been here for half a year already! Every day I thank the Lord again for sending me such a sweet little angel to take care of for Him. I know she's just a loaner, but she's a great one! :)

We'll go ahead and start once again with her stats from her 6 month check up... They are as follows: (hehe)

Height/Length: 26.5 inches
Weight: 16 lbs 9 oz
Head Circumference: 44 cm
On the Chart: She's at the 75th percentile for height and between 50th and 75th for weight!

We saw Dr Kim when we were there and she couldn't get over how great of a baby she was! I had run into her last week and she had said some of that then too, but at the appt, Mitch was holding Brooke and before she even started examining her, Brooke had done all the things that she was going to ask us if she could do (like sitting up by herself, transferring things from one hand to the other, etc). So that was great! She also showed Dr Kim how she sits up and Kim couldn't get over how well she did that! (She said she'd never seen a baby learn to sit up that way first, before that they usually push up from their belly/side, not sit up like they are doing'sit-ups'! lol)

But she checked out great and really didn't cry except when they gave her her shots. She did take a liking to the wooden stick and Kim's stethoscope. She was so cute playing with them! :)

Now, here is a run-down of some Brookelynne Facts for 6 months!
~ We have officially started Stage II foods (which is basically stage I foods, except thicker and mixes, like apple blueberry instead of just apples!)
~ She is wearing 6 or 9 month clothes. Some of her 6 mo are already too small, but some of her 9 mo are too big, so we're going back and forth! I just keep a box in her closet so when something is tight or getting to small, I throw it in there to keep from cluttering up the drawers!
~ She is in size 2 toddler shoes, and they are soo cute!
~ We have begun the sippy-cup-training. :) She basically just spills it all over her at this point, but she's trying!
~ She has begun to jump! This has just happened in the last week or so, but now she's doing it all the time. We've gotten her Jenny Jump Up out the last two days and she actually jumps in it instead of standing around in it! haha
~ She's also starting what I think are the beginnings of crawling. :) For the longest time I haven't thought she'd do it, but just in the past 6 to 10 days she's started turning herself over to her stomach and trying to scoot!
~ She has discovered stuffed animals and thinks they ROCK! :) She's had them in her crib and room since she was born, but about 3 weeks ago started really noticing, grabbing at and laughing at them!

~ She doesn't mind her hats! We've begun putting the little summery hats on her that go with her outfits, and at first she would pull them off, but for the most part she leaves them on!
~ She LOVES her little toys. Any rattle, teether, or the like that is small enough for her to hold, she loves!
~ She's begun mocking you! Especially hand motions, but sometime other things too! It's SOOO cute!

That's all that I can think of right now! :) It's hard to believe that she's getting so big so fast! Every time I look at her she looks more like a person/adult and less like a baby! :( But there is a season for everything and I'm loving every one so far! :)

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