Monday, April 26, 2010

Brooke's first offical pool day, and I forgot my camera!

Today we had a play date with some friends at the pool! I can't believe it but I forgot my camera! UH! Anyway, Brookelynne LOVED IT! I got in with her because I want her to be as comfortable as possible as soon as possible! We eased in, since the water was COLD, and it didn't even seem to phase her! She was laughing and splashing the whole time! As we walked around, I would lean back with her on my chest and she was so funny, kicking the whole time and throwing herself face first into the water. She succeeded a few times and would yank her face back and start blowing the water out of her mouth, and then go right back to playing! I would have her straddle my knee, facing me, so that I could see her, holding her under her arms, and she would kick soooo hard that she would scoot herself off my leg! lol. It was so cute and we had a great time! I'm so glad that she likes the water! Maybe we can have her almost swimming by the end of the summer! :)

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