Monday, April 13, 2009

A weekend to forget...

So it seems that all of my bad weekends are starting on Thursdays and this one was no different! Thursday after I got off of work my mom came over and helped me clean the bathrooms and do some laundry. I cooked dinner for her, Mitch and I but right before Mitch got home (about 8:00) I started having pains in my back. It moved to my stomach area which got me concerned because I never cramp in my stomach. Anyways, it would hurt for about an hour and then not hurt at all for about 20-30 minutes, then it would start all over, going from my back to front, front to back and get more or less severe each time. By 11:00, it was hurting so badly that I got out of bed (for the third time) and went to the living room. By 11:25, Mitch had woken up because I was crying so loudly. We went to the emergency room and they tested my blood and urine, said they didn't know what was causing the pain and sent me home with some pain killers. They didn't check the baby or do a pelvic exam, but at the time I didn't argue because I knew I would go see my OBGYN the next day...of course I had forgotten that it was Good Friday.

I took the medication when we got home, and again when I woke up. I tried to say on my butt or back as much as possible. My mom came up here with some food for me around 1 and we ate. Not long after we finished though, she got a call from her next door neighbor, telling her that my dad was putting our family dog in the back of his car. We had made the family decision to have her put down a few days before, but we were sure he wouldn't do it without letting us say goodbye. I called the vet and sure enough he was there to have her put down. I made my mom take me and called my brother to meet us up there. We told her goodbye and gave her kisses to tell her how much we love her. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. She was almost 18 years old, and I can't even remember not having her around. She played in the lake with us, swam after us when we got into a paddle boat or john boat. I can't even count the number of times we have flipped or almost flipped a boat because we had to pull her inside, because if we didn't she would just swim around in circles around the boat until she almost drowned herself! She slept in my room all through middle and high school, and for a while after she stopped sleeping in my room it was hard to sleep without her snoring! lol. She would go up to the ball park with us when Josh and I played baseball/softball. Everyone knew her and fed her, and more than once we had to stop a game because she would get on the field and go run around in the outfield trying to catch/play with the ball! She was a wonderful dog and will be greatly missed. My dad buried her in the backyard when we got back home.

Mom brought me home, still having pains and made dinner for me and Mitch. It was very good and she worked way too hard on it, but it was delicious! Saturday I tried to rest but Mitch's car had died Friday night, up in Brunswick, so we had to drive up there and take care of it on Saturday. Just going up there and back wore me out. I laid down/slept most of the afternoon and then Mitchell took me to the Millhouse because I was craving some of their honey butter and strawberry vinaigrette.

Sunday morning we got up and my pains had finally gone away! I was so happy but still feeling pretty achy. We got dressed and got halfway to my inlaws house to pick up our nieces for church when Mitch had to pull over on the side of the road for me to throw up. Let me explain what a big deal this is...

1. I don't throw up...ever
2. I was in my church clothes
3. I always have hair ties on my wrist except for that day bc it looked tacky on Easter
4. Did I mention I don't throw up?
5. also... couldn't stop feeling like I was going to throw up again or smelling it, until today (Monday).

Anyway, we got to church and enjoyed the services. Had lunch with the family and once again came home and laid down/slept the rest of the day.

This morning I got up and my pain was back randomly. I went to my mom's so that I could take my pain medicine but still get to my dr appt. (I can't drive while on the pain meds they gave me at the er). Paula was able to see me at 1:45 and she did a sonogram and the baby was fine. He or she is quite defined, and we even got a shot of his or her hand! It was very cool! I'll scan and post those pictures soon. They sent away for a test and gave me an antibiotic. They are still not 100% sure what's wrong but have narrowed it down to ligament spasms or bladder spasms, neither of which should have lasted as long as they did, but are nothing that can harm the baby. So that we are grateful for. I will go back to work tomorrow with a strict warning to take it as easy as possible. As for now, I am once again laying down, and trying not to strain. :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you're okay! It must have been so scary to have all of that pain and not know what it was or if it could hurt the baby. What a relief that the baby is okay!

  2. Okay...that was totally me that posted the last comment. I didn't realize Dustin was logged on to the computer. :)

  3. LOL, I was kinda wondering! haha. It was really scary, but I think frustrating came to mind a lot as well. Especially for Mitch.

  4. I am so glad that everything is okay! We will be prayign for good test results and no more pain.

  5. So sorry to hear about Brooksey! I am glad your pain has gotten better, and I am also glad I got to see you on Sat! <3