Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slow week....

So the time between now and my last post has been pretty slow. No new pregnancy news or symptoms. I am still having back spasms on a semi-regular basis, but they now can say for certain that it was not caused by a bladder infection, which basically means that they have no valid reason for the pains I experienced for 2 days straight except to say that I "may just be one of those weird pregnancies". LOL. Which, for the record, is SOOOO not helpful!! haha. Anyway, we are doing well, trying to stay busy. I am throwing a bridal shower with my mom for a friend in a week so I can't stop thinking and planning for that! I'm hoping that Mitchell and I will be able to sit down this weekend and go over some themes for the baby's room and make some decisions on other things as well (like strollers, baby names, etc.) But there's no telling! When there's more to tell, I'll post again!

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