Monday, October 28, 2013

Brookelynne's 4 year well check!

Today is my last day home this trip, and we are going to make it a good one, starting the day with Brookelynne's four year well check up! With everything going on, I have rescheduled this appointment three times now, just rescheduling it again yesterday so that I could be the one to take her. We talked about it all the way to the doctors office, "we are getting a check up", "we're going to have them check your eyes, check your ears and find out how much you've grown!", "we might have to have a shot".  When we got there, she did so great!

This was a new adventure as it is her first "big girl check up". This year we got a blood pressure check, eye exam and hearing test. They measured her against a wall for her height and did her temperature under her tongue. 

I immediately asked how many shots she was having to get today, but they didn't know offhand.  I told Brookelynne at least two and signed up to get my own flu shot with her. As expected the physical exam went well, Brookelynne's arms, legs, nose, mouth, ears, eyes, reflexes and anything else, all looked great. That means it was time for shots and the doctor said Brookelynne had to have three.

A few minutes later after talking about it, Brooke and I waited as the nurse brought in all of our shots. We talked about how a shot does hurt but if you count to five, by the time you get there, it doesn't hurt anymore.  So I went first, got my shot, showing Brookelynne how I could count and they didn't hurt anymore. Next it was her turn, two shots in one arm and one shot in the other. So I held her hand and told her to look at me and we counted to five while she got the first two shots. No tears at all and we let out a big sigh when they were done. I switched sides with the nurse and told Brooke we had one more, at which point she got pretty upset.  Not crying, but she really thought she should already be done. So I held her tight and we counted to five as the nurse put her flu shot in her arm. I counted to 5, and after a deep breath, she was fine. No tears even after all three shots. Excited and proud? You better believe it!! I was so so proud of my big girl!!

We went and got a celebratory smoothie when we left and headed back to school. She was so grown up and I am so proud of my little girl. She's not a baby any more! 

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