Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brookelynne's Trip to the Beach

Today my dad came by to see us! He was headed back from the hunting camp and stopped to see us. He was able to help me out some by playing with Brooke while I got some cleaning done, and then he took us all out to lunch. :) He suggested that we have lunch in Fernandina and then go by the beach, so that's what we did! We went to Zaxby's for lunch (which I thought was really good) and Brooke-e ate a grilled cheese sandwich, and actually finished the whole thing! Then we drove down to the beach for a few minutes, just to let Brooke see it. It was so cute!

 She really liked the way that the wet sand felt but didn't want to walk on it without holding on! The first time that the water got her feet she laughed and LOVED it! That was when Mama and Brookelynne kept getting closer and closer... until we got REALLY wet! (Don't worry, I picked Brooke up!)

She really did like it but after the water got higher on Mama than Brookelynne liked, she didn't want to be down anymore. So Daddy walked in the water while holding her and she would laugh when it would get up to his knees. It was really sweet. 
And of course we had to get at least one family photo. I know my booger isn't really smiling but I think my huge grin makes up for it! I was trying so hard to make her laugh for the picture that I looked a little silly myself!

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