Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its A ....

Boy! :)

We went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and found out that our little bundle of joy is all boy! Once again we had both grandmas in there with Mama, Daddy and Brookelynne to find out the sex! When we first went in there and she started doing the sonogram he wasn't really moving much and his legs were facing my spine (which makes it difficult to see between them). I was kinda frustrated because he wasn't moving even though I had just chugged a large coke (with plenty of caffeine)! But while checking all of his measurements, head, feet, legs, etc, she said "Oh wait, look at that! Do you know what that means?" And we were all like "Yay, it's a boy!" About that time my brother called my mom to ask her a question and I told him that it looked like we were having a boy, and Mitchell insisted that I tell Josh that the nurse wasn't even looking for the sex at the time, but just happened upon it and it was "OBVIOUSLY a boy"! lol Silly boys! It was really cute though!

When we were all done, my mom and Jeanna both headed back to work, but Mitch, Brookelynne and I went to get some lunch. It was very nice to spend some time talking about our big boy! Then Brooke and I went shopping! We hit up some fabric stores trying to find some ideas for his room (with no such luck) and then we went to church. It was quite a long day but we are so excited to be having a little boy and cannot wait to start planning his nursery and buying him clothes! We have discussed and discussed and discussed names until we were blue in the face, and while we still don't have a middle name, it looks like our new addition will be going by Braxton! :)

Won't that be so cute? Brookelynne and Braxton!

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