Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well Friday we had a doctor's appt with Paula and Brookelynne came with me. The nurses couldn't believe how big she was getting or that she was so cute and such a great little walker! We played in the exam room until Paula got there and when she came in, Brooke got up on the table with me so we could listen to the heartbeat. She was sitting on my thigh and watching intently as Paula found my uterus, put on the gel and turned on the doppler. Then she put it on my belly and it went from making a static sound to the heartbeat sound and Brookelynne FREAKED OUT! :) I picked her up and sat her on my shoulder where she continued to scream until she noticed my bellybutton. At that point she was totally fine and loving that little indention in my belly! haha. She's so silly!

Today we had a great day and enjoyed church and lunch. When we got home Brookelynne took a good nap and Mommy even got a short one in! We went back to church this afternoon and worked in the nursery, and while Brooke wasn't eating well, she did great otherwise. And when we got home, Daddy came out and greeted us! He had woken up and so he got Brooke out of the car and we all came inside for a few minutes of family time. Right before Daddy went to bed, while in the midst of pumping, the baby pushed all the way out! :) It was nothing like the first time I felt Brooke move (which was her kicking my pelvic bone) but a really cool sensation as this little one stretched out! :) Daddy came over and kept his hand on my belly for several minutes, but he or she didn't want to do it again so soon. Hopefully he'll be around for the next time and will get to feel it first hand! :)


  1. Hey...are you still pumping?! I thought you gave that up months ago! Or are you doing it for the new baby already?

  2. I'm not pumping hard core, but we had some inventory issues with the frozen breastmilk, and so I'm pumping a few times a day just to keep Brooke on it until a year. Then I'll stop for a few months, lol. :)

  3. BTW, I'm glad to see that someone still reads my blog! lol....