Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last week was SUPER busy with a very long week at our church's VBS. (Vacation Bible School for those who don't know). It was 5 days of being at the church from 8-1 with so many children and volunteers that some times it was a little overwhelming! I was in a room with 5 sweet children and a sweet young lady that I've known for years, Kristin. We had a wonderful time each day teaching the children that God made them and loves them. We went to the carnival outside each day around 10 and let the kids look at the animals in the petting zoo, ride the train and even sit on and ride the ponies if they wanted to!

This is Brookelynne out by the Petting Zoo on Tuesday

It was so much fun! Kalea got to be in my room all week so she went outside with us every day, but we were also able to take Brooke and Kristin's son Gavin with us almost every day because of the timing and helpers! :)

This is Brookelynne sitting outside the petting zoo talking to the sheep and picking up hay! (on Wednesday)

This was Brookelynne on Friday, when she actually got to go inside the petting zoo with Mommy and touch some of the animals...unfortunately for the sweet rabbit, Brooke thought she would try to pick it up, which is what the picture below is all about!

Brookelynne did a great job in her class, amazing all of the volunteer teachers with her walking! :) (She was the only one in her class that was standing by herself or walking) They also had other things that children could do each day, (although our kids were too young for most of them) Besides the carnival/petting zoo that they had out at the playground area, they also had a puppet show (which was set up right outside our door, so we can say for a fact that the kids LOVED it!), some games in the gym, and a play telling them about Jesus. Our class went to the puppet show twice, but weren't old enough for the gym or the play. They did like the puppets though!

Brookelynne LOVED the puppets and some of the middle school girls were more than happy to give her a closer look!

The most exciting thing that Brookelynne 'accomplished' this week was riding a horse! Yes, a REAL LIFE, FULL GROWN HORSE!!! :) Now they weren't huge or anything, but compared to her they were, and she had no problem sitting up there and riding around! This was Brooke's 3rd time on the horse, and this time Grandma got to come over and hold onto her, so we actually got a good picture of it!

Here is a video of my sweet girl riding in circles!

All together we had a wonderful time at VBS and really enjoyed not only the activities, but learning more about Jesus! I can't wait for next year when she'll be older and maybe able to do more! :)

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