Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brooke is WALKING!!!

OHMIGOODNESSS!!!! Seriously, I am soooo excited right now because just a minute ago I was getting ready to put Brooke in her swing with her bottle, but she was playing in the kitchen, so instead of going and picking her up, I just showed her the bottle and she started crawling after it really quickly! (Which she does on a pretty regular basis). Then when she was just a couple feet from the bottle, out of no where, she stood up and took 6, count them- 1 2 3 4 5 SIX- steps all by herself!!! She's taken a step or three before but always leaning toward something or someone (ie the couch or Mitch) But this time she was standing perfectly straight and did it! :)

SOOOO, being the cruel mom that I am, lol, I pulled out the movie camera (which we keep charged up and beneath the TV, for just such occasions) and rolled the bottle toward me and she did it again! She didn't take 6 steps, but she did take 4 or 5 and even when she fell, she'd stand back up again instead of crawling!!! I am SOOOO proud of my little girl!!! 9 months old today and WALKING!!! :) Yay!!!

(Can you tell I'm a proud Mama?) haha

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